The Nature Fix

by Florence Williams (foreword by Danny Summers)

On the final day of The Fall Event 2021,Thursday, September 2, Florence Williams shared details of her book, The Nature Fix. During this hour-long session, she revealed how her life experiences brought her to the point of understanding that became the basis for writing her book. Her work to develop the book took her around the world looking for the science behind our need for nature in our lives.

What we have witnessed in the greatly increased interest in gardening and plants over the last 18 months is evidence of Florence's message. Her book and presentation is the WHY of what we have seen. Prior to Florence's presentation, everyone present was provided a worksheet and assigned the task of making notes of keywords and phrases as they watched and listened to the presentation. These keywords and phrases could be the basis for important marketing messaging in the coming months. Following the presentation, Florence answered questions from the audience.

Want to order the book? Go HERE.

You can experience this session too. First download The Nature Fix Worksheet (PDF) HERE.

This is a three part assignment.

Part 1: Now watch Florence's presentation below and read the instructions that follow.


Leveraging 'The Nature Fix' Story

Following Florence's presentation, Robert Hendrickson and Tom Kegley lead The Group through the next step in this assignment... Leveraging 'The Nature Fix' Story. Florence's research and personal experience laid the groundwork for this creative session as our two storytelling experts, Robert Hendrickson and Tom Kegley, help you craft a story – a story to put to use!

Part 2: Watch and listen to this session...

Part 3: Ideas Shared from Leveraging 'The Nature Fix' Story - Group Zoom Session

Robert and Tom challenged everyone to go home and work on crafting a message from their best ideas and return a week later to share with The Group. This followup session was on Thursday, September 9th at 11:00am Eastern. You can watch the session here:

If you use details from Florence Williams 'The Nature Fix' book as scientific references for your messaging, we encourage you to also promote her book to your audience to buy. You can simply promote her website HERE. We know Florence will appreciate the help in promoting her book to more readers (and it can help you with your messaging).

Examples of Radio Ads
Four Seasons Greenhouse (Gail and Vic Vanik) shared four radio ads they have developed from The Nature Fix experience at The Fall Event. You can hear each of them here:

Four Seasons - Kids Gardening 2022                      Four Seasons - Nature 2022
Four Seasons - Nature's Candy 2022                      Four Seasons - Therapy 2022

A special THANK YOU to Florence Williams, Robert Hendrickson and Tom Kegley for their work in bringing this message to us!