QUICKtalks (and GROUPtalk-Live)

The following are short messages intended to provide timely ideas and suggestions for Group Clients. Contact each Group Service Provider to discuss your individual position and needs. A special THANK YOU to all our Service Providers and Special Guests for their efforts in sharing this information.


Session 1 - Timely Financial Considerations

with Steve Bailey and Sid Raisch

During this 16 minute discussion, Steve and Sid walk you through areas each Garden Center Owner should be considering in managing the business as you seek to adjust budgets, cash flow, manage staffing, inventory, vendor relations and much more. During the presentations, Steve Bailey offers a copy of the Seasonal Buying Calculator (Excel Spreadsheet) - Available HERE.


Session 2 - Health & Well-Being

with Dr. Charlie Hall

Charlie said, "Now is the time that we can focus on how we IMPROVE the health and well-being of all citizens, of all ethnicities and socioeconomic characteristics, in all economic conditions. To that end, there are a number of benefits-related messaging on my website." (https://ellisonchair.tamu.edu/benefitsofplants).



Session 3 - What We Can Do Now

with Sid Raisch

During this 20 minute discussion, Sid shares with you an outline of observations to be considered at this time as you navigate these weeks of very different business environment, such as the "new normal" as we progress out of this constricted business time. He also shares ideas for "patience, faith and flexibility."



Session 4 - Operating Expenses

with Steve Bailey and Sid Raisch


Session 5 - Financial/Staffing Issues

with Steve Bailey and Sid Raisch


Session 6 - Revenue Budgeting

with Steve Bailey and Sid Raisch


Session 7 - Profit Erosion/Discounting

with Steve Bailey and Sid Raisch


Session 8 - Social Distancing/In Store (not available)

with Sid Raisch

Visit this page from CDC for resources for both Employers and Employees - HERE


Session 9 - National Garden Bureau & Victory Garden 2.0

with Diane Blazek

The National Garden Bureau, celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, was very much involved in the original Victory Garden program. It's founder, James H. Burdett, wrote The Victory Garden Manual in 1943. There's much more to the story.

We all agree... it is time for a new Victory Garden message, so the National Garden Bureau is creating a series of messages for everyone to use as Victory Garden 2.0.
Diane Blazek, NGB's Executive Director, shared details in one of our latest QUICKtalks, now available (details below). She says they have produced a series of messages formatted for most social media use. See complete details here. She is urging everyone to help push the time-tested message that can help consumers to find some comfort in the garden. I encourage all of us to use the Victory Garden 2.0 messages as we share the love of gardening.

Visit National Garden Bureau's website HERE.

Be sure to visit their BLOG for Victory Garden 2.0 where you will see the 10 easy steps to successful Victory Garden 2.0  HERE.


Session 10 - Leading Your Team Through Tough Times

with John Kennedy


In this uncertain and unprecedented time, keeping ourselves and our teams engaged, informed, and encouraged has never been more vital. That’s why John Kennedy On Demand is now available for FREE for the month of April to give you the support you need—On your time…On your terms…On demand.
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GROUPtalk-Live - Operation: Engage the Customers

Sid Raisch identified the upcoming challenges facing most Garden Centers this spring as they develop plans to how to best replace traditional sales approach during a season with COVID-19.



GROUPtalk-Live - Operation: Engage the Engagers

Sid Raisch shows how to focus on WHO (not How) you can become equipped to engage your engagers (your staff), so they can engage your customers for MUCH HIGHER individual sales, which will carry into MUCH HIGHER average sale.



GROUPtalk-Live - Operation: Terms of Engagement

Sid Raisch guides you through Part 3 of this series in a short presentation deals with the “How”, the NEW Terms of Engagement needed to take customer interaction to the levels of achievement where the Exceptional can occur – transactions that are 2x – 10x greater.