Magnetic Personnel-ity

Magnetic Personnel-ity

by Sid Raisch

Finding people is one thing, finding people who CAN actually do the job we need them for, and who actually WILL do the job is quite another. People fitting these two criteria don’t often walk in the door asking to fill out an application, outside of the dwindling luck we may have had in the past, or hope to have now.

It’s not good people vs. bad people, as in, you have to go to the county jail on Monday morning to bail them out and bring them to work. It’s about good people as in developing a workforce of effective and productive people. We can’t passively wait for another person who can pass a drug test and background check to walk in asking to fill out an application. And we can’t spend enough money on Internet ads, job boards, apps, and so on to hire people with any confidence they’ll be right or will show up, or stay long. Innovatively attracting the right candidates who match up with our ability to develop them into fully functioning, long-lasting associates is the relevant objective today.

First Rule of Employing People:  Keep the people we have so we don’t have to fill those positions.

Second Rule of Employing People:  This one is NEW, and we need to embrace it before our dwindling luck runs out. Read on!

The good and effective people we need are already employed, just like our own good and effective people are. Most employees are pretty complacent about their workplace. They have the work ethic and character to do the job they’re getting paid to do, and that is enough. Thankfully, they’re not out looking for another job where they can do the same – until something goes awry. Or are they? This doesn’t stop us from bringing out and developing their potential to become and attain a fully effective and positively contributing self-developing future.

We must create the Workplace of Higher Choice™ where our good people want to stay, and others will want to join them. Today the people we want and need don’t just take jobs, they JOIN companies they admire because they view them as safe places to work where they can live out their own values and make a contribution to a greater good and higher calling.

As always, review your specific personnel policies and practices with a qualified HR professional like Seawright & Associates. This article is intended to be more about encouraging us all to think differently about recruiting. Gathering applications and choosing the best candidate from the top 3 often means choosing from mediocrity or worse. We need to be gaining access to people above the typically available candidates, finding those who are not in the market for a different job, which means finding them differently.

People aren’t looking for a place to help us accomplish our dreams, they’re looking for a place to also accomplish their own dreams even if they haven’t yet had them - and whether they believe there is such a workplace, or not. They don’t want to be taken for granted as a cog in our wheel. This is the state of mind that, when opened, will get them motivated to make a change to come with us instead of staying in their current safe but dead-end job in a boring company where they don’t share the same values and beliefs.

I’m not saying a Mission, Vision, and Values plaque on the wall and a Statement on the application form are not good as opposed to being a bad thing, but they aren’t effective on their own. It’s the right thing to do to create them, but not the most effective way to attract and develop people who want to join into a united workplace cause.

Aligning with the heartfelt interests of the people we want to join and then belong in our company is one thing, but this idea won’t walk around the community on its own, finding people and bringing them back ready to sign on. We need a process and tools for that.

We used to rely on job seekers to employ. Now we become an Intentional People Attracting Magnet, attracting those who are already employed into our Workplace of Higher Choice™. The place to begin is in defining what that is specifically, including what it works like, looks like, feels like, acts like, and performs like.

A Workplace of Higher Choice™ Believes and Expects:

  1. Collaboration and Communication:  A workplace where everyone feels heard and valued promotes a culture of trust and teamwork. Collaboration and cooperation within and between all levels of associates as well as within the supply chain and including customers are hallmarks of great communication.

  2. Purpose-Driven Culture:  A workplace of higher choice starts with a clear, compelling vision and mission that resonates with the employees. It’s not just about the work that is done, but why it’s done. This aligns the team towards a common goal, fostering a sense of belonging and commitment.

  3. Personal and Professional Self-Development:  Investing in employees’ growth, first personally, then professionally, challenging them to become self-developing. This includes continuous learning opportunities, mentorship, and support for career advancements. An engaging workplace champions its employees’ Intra-preneur potential and aspirations, ensuring long-term engagement. 

  4. Sustainable Practices:  A workplace of higher choice adopts practices that ensure long-term viability and respect for sustainability protecting and preserving the natural world as well as the financial future of the business.

  5. Health and Well-being:  Recognizing the importance of mental and physical health, such a workplace would offer programs and benefits that support the well-being of associates, customers, and suppliers. This could range from flexible working arrangements to fresh air in the workplace, mental breaks, exercise opportunities and beyond.

  6. Community and Social Responsibility:  Finally, a workplace of higher choice is deeply embedded in its community, contributing positively through service and social responsibility initiatives. It’s about building a legacy that goes beyond business success by supporting the greater good of a community of locally-owned businesses.

  7. Innovative Mindset:  Encouraging innovation and creativity is essential to adaptability to a changing marketplace. Innovation advocates for a workplace that challenges the status quo and encourages out-of-the-box thinking. It inspires associates and customers to positive solution finding for common as well as unusual and difficult situations. This involves giving employees the freedom to explore new ideas, fail safely, and learn from their experiences.

Spreading the Word:
Gaining the Employability Advantage requires a healthy mindset about recruiting and better practices.

Here’s an Idea Worth Trying: “Magnetic Recruiting Cards”
We agree, poaching employees is not a cool practice. The Magnetic Recruiting Card presents a unique opportunity and method for drawing the right candidates like a magnet. What is it? A unique kind of business card with your contact information and a message like this:

“I’ve learned that people who demonstrate the kind of work ethic and professionalism I have seen in you as you served me typically have friends, neighbors, or relatives who are much like they are. We’re in the position of building our company with the kind of people who are like you. If one of those people would have an interest in learning of our unique opportunities please encourage them to contact me personally to learn more.

Please contact me personally to visit our company and use this as a $10 Gift Card good for any purchase to recognize the outstanding service you provided today."

Recruiting is an all the time everywhere we go opportunity, taking many forms. Use this technique and other innovative ways to recognize and appreciate people who might enjoy inviting their friends to learn about your company.

When you’re ready to up your employability game, get in touch. Your membership in The Garden Center Group entitles you to a courtesy videoconference call to discuss your situation.

Before procrastination or other busyness steals another year from you Text or Call 937-302-0423 or send an email to [email protected] .

Sid Raisch is an advocate for family business leading growth, change, and results throughout US horticulture. Redefining the business future for consumer horticulture by understanding how the end-to-end supply chain needs to be redirected is a skill Sid has honed into an art. He has understanding and insight through inquisitive observations and extensive experience and has served as a trusted advisor helping transform both national and local businesses into more profitable and sustainable businesses. Developing national and international educational programs that create change in culture, community and company provides Sid venues with a front row seat creating effective and innovative business models.

Sid is a Certified Value Builder System Advisor, and currently serves as Chief Strategist and the Swiss Army Knife of Consultants to The Garden Center Group clients. Contact Sid at [email protected] or call or text  937-302-0423.

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