Reaching New Heights

Reaching New Heights

by Danny Summers

Last week, we shared a photo of our 2022-2023 100% Club Award Centers that were with us at The Fall Event 2023. It was an amazingly large group. Keep in mind there were 20 more that will receive their plaques by mail this month! The 100% Club recognizes Centers that report every week in The Weekly Department Review (WDR) over a full 52-week period (July 1-June 30). This calendar year we now have over 4,200 weekly reports as of Week 40, ending October 8th!

This week we spotlight awards from the 2022 Annual P&L Study, recognizing performance levels based on profit! Over the years it is so gratifying to see Centers progress from one level to the next. Doing so takes time and great effort and creates pride in a business that reaches these heights.

High Achievers Award – This award recognizes Centers that report a profit higher than +5% but less than +10%. This year 16 Centers received plaques at The Fall Event 2023 and a total of 23 Centers have been awarded.

Best Practices Award – This award recognizes Centers that report a profit higher than +10%. This year 13 Centers received recognition at The Fall Event 2023 and a total of 16 Centers were awarded.

Best of the Best Award – Starting in 2020, when many more Centers reached the Best Practices level and the total Group Average was above +10%, we created a new higher level for awards. It became the Best of the Best Award which would recognize the top 10 Centers in profitability from all reporting Centers in the Annual P&L Study. Of the top 10, 7 were with us to receive their award and also participate in a panel discussion session to explore just how they did it.

While the Weekly Department Review (WDR) program is an open peer-sharing format where each reporting Center can see summary data from others, the Annual P&L Study provides individual Center benchmarks against blind comparisons of total Group, Center type (Retail or Retail-Grower) and Best of Best averages. Both of these programs are included in The Group Semi-Annual Retainer.

The knowledge of how your Center is performing compared to others across North America, whether of similar size, type, or region, can provide important insights to create a path for improving results. The 118 Awards presented this year help these Centers Reach New Heights for 2024 and beyond!

Congratulations to all our Centers receiving awards this year!


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