The Colors of Spinach?

The Colors of Spinach?

by Danny Summers

This message is not to introduce us to some new hybrid of our favorite leafy greens. But the idea for this came to me a week or so ago when I read a story by Stanberry Research of Dr. Harry Mitchell Sherman "The Colors of Healing."

Dr. Sherman was an accomplished surgeon in San Francisco in the early 1900s and in 1904, his observations set a new trend in operating rooms and hospitals across the country. Dr. Sherman realized how strained and tired his eyes became while doing surgery in a bright white environment. The white rooms and white cloth were popular back then and reflected the bright lights of the operating room. So he decided to swap out white surgical drapes for black ones, reducing the glare and making it easier to focus on the surgical procedure.

He later decided to upgrade the black cloth to a different color. He chose "the green of the spinach leaf," as he later wrote in an article published in the May 1914 issue of the California State Journal of Medicine.

Dr. Sherman's favorite color really took off... Soothing greens and blues began to dominate hospitals... from the walls to the medical equipment to even medical clothing (scrubs). Just think of the majority of shrubs we see today that are hues of green and blue). The cool colors tend to have a relaxing effect – which is not only great for a doctor performing such high-stress procedures but also benefits the patients as well. Research shows seeing the color green can actually lower the heart rate. Here's one article covering the shades of green details and examples of how major brands use the color green. Part of its message says,

"Green evokes a feeling of abundance and is associated with refreshment and peacerest and security."

You can see the full article by simply clicking on the color wheel here.

And, of course, we associate greens and blues with nature... just looking at photos of a lush green meadow or garden, and brilliant blue skies instantly makes us feel calmer, uplifts moods, and provides a sense of awe.

Remember the word "awe" when Florence Williams used in it The Nature Fix presentation. If not you can revisit her presentation at The Fall Event 2021. Simply login to The Group WebSystem and go to the Clients-Only Menu and down to Training where you'll find The Nature Fix.

If science has proven the colors of green have a positive effect on humans, then you are in the perfect business... you provide green every day! The colors of green are the most dominant views in your Center and you are providing the healing and nurturing colors for your guests to take home and enjoy.

This is more evidence of why some people just like to walk through and spend time in your Garden Center. Have you ever noticed how they seem more at ease and just more relaxed after they have been in your Center for a while? Are there more smiles leaving your store than when entering?

Helping your audience create their own green healing space at home is noble work and why we are blessed to be in this industry.

Dr. Sherman thought the colors of spinach were therapeutic for himself and his patients so you could say... it's just what the doctor ordered!


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