A Recipe for What Matters

A Recipe for What Matters

by Danny Summers

Each of us sees numerous ads every day. They come at us from all directions and it seems to only increase in methods of how or where we see them. Certainly, TV, radio, internet, and of course every social media page we interact with is pushing products. Even some gas stations are pushing ads at the pump. Most are very promotional and the worse ones seem like they were designed by ex-used car salesmen (no offense if you have friends or family in that tough business). But you know what I mean. It's all about price and how low they can go.

If you have been in The Group any length of time, you know we began early on hearing from The Group founder, Robert Hendrickson, how you should focus on a different type of message – telling a story. One that connects with the audience, and speaks to their needs or interests in a real and caring way all while sharing the enjoyment and benefits of the garden and gardening activity. Robert would challenge us to think... if you come across as just selling something, you are most likely on the wrong path. This is a great time to quote a famous person from Hannibal Missouri (where Robert and Wendy now live)...

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect."  – Mark Twain

This past week I saw the first Thanksgiving message from our favorite grocery store here in the southeast, Publix. They are an upscale retailer that has a higher bar in so many areas while still operating as a privately-owned business. If you have been in Florida or  the southeast and visited Publix, you know what I mean.

You may have thought I came up with the title of this blog post myself but it is simply sharing the title of Publix's new Thanksgiving message... "A Recipe for What Matters." I have to admit, I had to watch this one several times. And just think about this title... couldn't this be a message that you could use to share the wonderful joys of gardening?

I encourage you to click on the image below to see this 1-minute heart felt message. This message is very similar to what Darren Abbott of Hallmark shared at The Fall Event 2022.

A Recipe for What Matters - In the Garden.
As you watch this message, consider what you could do with it for your guests. Sure, Publix is showing a family, two kitchens, and food, but it could just as easily be a family with flowers and plants in a nurturing activity in a garden setting. Creating family time and experiences in the garden or with flowers and plants can be equally powerful messages. Oh, and one more thing to consider... Publix is not showing any particular product or price. It's 100% an emotional experience.

I want to share several ideas in the coming weeks that can be overall themes or topics that could prove important and effective for your messaging in 2023. I will salt you with just two words for now... Health and Time.

I'll share more on that coming soon. I hope you enjoy the Publix message!

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