See What a PLANT Can Do

See What a PLANT Can Do

by Danny Summers

The idea of this message came to me when I remembered Darren Abbott (Hallmark) sharing details of their One Million Card giveaway. He explained it began on March 27, 2020, as many of their Gold Crown Stores were closing due to COVID shutdowns and they were getting a large number of requests from people needing ways to connect to loved ones. The program began with the idea of offering 1 million cards to their loyalty members, sent free by mail. The initial announcement said, "Hallmark gives people a way to connect through acts of caring and support during uncertain times." Darren described how their team was able to gather enough cards at their distribution centers (that were almost shuttered as well) and within a few days, they had the program pulled together.

To say the offer was well-received is an understatement for only seven days later Darren said their President and CEO came to him and said, "I don't want you to stop, let's keep going." So, with that Hallmark announced it was adding an additional million cards to the offer. Each responding Hallmark Rewards member received a bundle of 3 cards with a cover page that said the following...

See What a CARD Can Do

Cards have a lasting, emotional impact on the people in our lives. With a simple, handwritten message in a card, you have the power to brighten someone's day. Giving a Hallmark card doesn't just make them feel good – it makes you feel good too. So go on and try it for yourself and see what a card can do.

Be sure to see the hashtag at the bottom of this cover page... #CardsDoMore

At this same time, Hallmark produced a Mother's Day 2020 ad featuring an actual mother and her special needs daughter with the title: See What a Card Can Do. This was one of the many ads Darren showed us during his presentation. Darren said Hallmark received a number of awards for this message. You can see this ad by clicking on the image below. See if you agree (as your eyes are tearing up)!


During our Q&A time with Darren, a question was asked if he had any suggestions for how to leverage the emotional messaging opportunities for Garden Centers. Darren quickly said he felt the idea of giving plants as gifts had big potential. We're not talking about you giving free plants away, but encouraging your audience to buy plants as gifts for others. So, we need to take some time to develop messaging around the idea of giving a plant as a gift for any occasion, even just to brighten someone's day.

At The Fall Event, Darren offered samples of their 2.5 Million Cards offer and we still have a limited supply of what he brought. If you would like to see what they sent to their Hallmark Rewards members, send me an email. We still have a few packs to share (quantities are limited).

The power of plants and gardening certainly has many areas to shout about. Even the activity of gardening can be highlighted as a health and wellness benefit. You just need to create a simple, yet effective (emotional) message to help your audience connect... connect to plants, to gardening, and of course to your Center!

See What a Plant Can Do!

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