Thank You Steve Bailey

Thank You Steve & Bonnie Bailey

April 1, 2022

Steve Bailey's blog message Thank You (and more, there's always more!) provides a story of their journey and how he (and Bonnie) became the craftsman behind all of The Group's Financial Sharing Programs over the past 20+ years. Steve's observations and teachings have helped so many Garden Centers set their path for success and has laid the foundation for more to come through Tim Quebedeaux.

On Friday, April 1, 2022, The Group gathered in a GROUPtalk LIVE Session to salute Steve and Bonnie Bailey and say THANK YOU for all you have brought to The Group, our Centers, and the industry! Even on an extremely busy Friday morning, in the beginning of spring, many took the time to honor Steve and Bonnie Bailey for all they have done for their Garden Center. In the words you hear in this session, you can get a clear feeling of what the work Steve and Bonnie have done for each Garden Center, The Garden Center Group, and the Industry as a whole.


We can easily say for over 20 years Steve and Bonnie Bailey were Making a Difference for The Garden Center Group and every participating Garden Center. We are excited about Steve mentoring Tim over the past 3 years and are confident Tim will be standing on the wonderful foundation that Steve has made on our behalf. Just like Robert & Wendy Hendrickson who had the vision for The Group itself, Steve and Bonnie helped create a special part of sharing activity for The Group.

Thank you Steve and Bonnie Bailey!

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