We Grow What We Feed

We Grow What We Feed

By John Kennedy

As we continue into the busy season, we want to ensure that we are growing our people just as well as we are growing our plants. We know what a plant needs to thrive (water, fertilizer, and sunlight) but what about our people?  In this short video, you will learn that there are three important fertilizers your people need from you in order to thrive--To be Heard. To be Valued. To be Respected.

The majority of employees who leave organizations claim the top three reasons they left are lack of appreciation (catching them doing something right) delegation (teaching new skills to improve their personal and professional development needs) and communication (being in the know and understanding the “why” relating to their work).  To be heard, valued and respected are outcomes of these efforts…we grow what we feed!

I was recently out west working with a few members of The Garden Center Group and both businesses had a few things in common. 

1.    They invited their staff to go to Cultivate in Columbus last July.  That single investment to let the team know they are valued enough to invest in their skills meant the world to the employees.
2.    There were daily huddles to ensure maximum engagement with each team member.
3.    They are specifically focused on a common goal that everyone was involved in crafting and creating. (Heard. Valued. Respected.)

If you feed your team the right balance of all three, just like plants, they will grow. And a team that grows is a team that shows---promise, effort, engagement, and loyalty. 

It’s a good time now to ask yourself and your managers/leaders “what are we feeding our team to help them grow?”


Inside the www.yourgroupspace.com platform will be a “Grow Your People” program for those who enroll. The discount has passed, but the opportunity to still find valuable tools within the ecosystem of the workspace will give your employees everything they need to arrive, strive and thrive in 2022 and beyond. 

Grow your business through your team…not just with them!  I look forward to seeing you and your team in Columbus this July!


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John Kennedy is a strategist, author and Service Provider to The Garden Center Group. John and his wife Souny offer innovative tools and digital solutions that accelerate change in the green industry. Their new “YourGroupSpace” intranet platform can be found at www.yourgroupspace.com.   They are also the co-founders of www.agritourism.life. --A search engine and digital magazine that promotes farms, garden centers and wineries of the agritourism industry of North America.

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