Circle... The Circle Back

Circle…Then Circle Back

By John Kennedy

As we “spring forward,” we hope to not fall back into old habits!  One bad habit many managers and owners have is the habit of saying too little…until it’s too late.

The opportunity to say more up front and explain not only “What” needs to get done and “How” it needs to get done, but the “Why” with new and existing staff, can lead to less confusion, stress, and frustration—a recipe for disaster in a busy spring with an already uphill fight for employees.

The wisdom in taking the time in explaining “Why” things need to get done (a little more up front) can save you so much time in having to circle back and fix it.

The concept of “Circle…Circle Back” is illustrated in the following short video.  It explains the need for a daily huddle with each department to communicate effectively the task for the day and the pressing issues that are in need of attention. It can also be a good time to give an overview of how the center is performing based on sales numbers, margin dollars, and all the other great metrics Tim and Steve recently addressed in the 2021 P&L Study Reveal.


Those huddles are invaluable to “circle” with your team each morning to ensure everyone is on the same page right out of the gate.

There is wisdom in also “circling back” to ensure that what was expected is being inspected…catching your team doing it right, or taking corrective action early if they are off track on the expectations that were set. In essence, measure twice…cut once!

This “cadence of communication” will play a vital role in the engagement and retention of your team as you accelerate and spring forward into the busy season.

Inside of the platform is a “Successful Meetings Playbook” a “Perfect Day Playbook” along with digital solutions and tools to assist your garden center in having all your team communications in one single location.

Just a quick scan of a QR code from your team and everything they “need to know” is at their fingertips within seconds.

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The platform also includes video training programs, sales goals tracking, marketing support materials, performance reviews, a digital inspiration board, and so much more. Take a test drive today.

Time to Circle with your team to get your “WHY” on, and then Circle Back to keep the momentum, motivation and mojo going… before you fall back into the old habits of yesteryear.


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John Kennedy is a strategist, author and Service Provider to The Garden Center Group. John and his wife Souny offer innovative tools and digital solutions that accelerate change in the green industry. Their new “YourGroupSpace” intranet platform can be found at   They are also the co-founders of --A search engine and digital magazine that promotes farms, garden centers and wineries of the agritourism industry of North America.

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