Growing Numbers

Growing Numbers

by Danny Summers

We are in a world of Growing Numbers. This beautiful spring photo from Longwood Gardens exemplifies where we are in Garden Retailing today. Each beautiful flower in this photo could easily represent your guests (customers). If we take a minute to think back over the last two years it will reveal this title.

In 2020 Group Centers recorded their largest single-year gains in Total Sales with over +20%, created by a 60/40 split of Transaction Counts and Average Sale. Centers reported seeing upwards of +25% new guests with many or most being young, first-timers to gardening. Overall, the 2020 Annual P&L Study results posted new levels of performance in almost all areas of benchmarking since the P&L Study began in 2004.

At the beginning of 2021, many conversations revolved around questions like:

(1) "Will all these new guests return?" or
(2) "Can we match these levels of Average Sale and Transaction Counts in 2021?"
(3) And of course, "Is the 2020 year just a one-time phenomenon?"

And while we wait anxiously for the 2021 P&L Study that is now underway, we can draw some preliminary indications from the Year-End Weekly Department Review (WDR) which answered the 3 questions above... (1) YES! (2) YES! and (3) NO!

The WDR final report shows not only did the Centers match Sales and Transaction performances set in 2020 but they surpassed them. In short, 2021 beat 2020 results... at least in what I call The Big Three... Average Sale, Transaction Counts and Total Sales.

Of course where I call these "The Big Three" the really Big One is what Steve Bailey and Tim Quebedeaux are ultimately focused on... Net Profit! We anxiously await the results... Mark your calendar... March 10th for the GROUPtalk LIVE Session at 11 am Eastern when Tim and Steve will share the results!

There are a few more Growing Numbers I am watching. Initial indications point to a near-record of Group Centers reporting in the 2021 P&L Study. That will provide even more solid data for the year behind us. And looking ahead, the number of Centers participating in the 2022 WDR Program is also one of the largest. I think I remember Steve Bailey saying, "Data is King!" If so, we may be well on our way to collectively experiencing (and benefiting) from all of these Growing Numbers.

But let's keep one very important thought in mind... None of these numbers happen if we don't create the very best experience for each and every guest that walks through your door or gate!

As Robert Hayter says... Onward!

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