Very Special Things

Very Special Things

by Danny Summers

When something is very special, you would often describe it as "one of a kind". That is certainly the case with our most special relationships. Our spouse, family and closest friends could easily be in this group. Most of us have very special things our family has passed down through generations that we hold so dear and treasure greatly.

So what about plants, or our garden? You might have a family heirloom plant that has been passed down to you from a parent or grandparent and that plant is so very special to you. Most likely you have favorite plants in your garden. Their blooms or fragrance or just stature earns them a place of high esteem in your garden. They make you feel good.

Sid Raisch said a few weeks back that we need to study the dynamics behind the growing trend of people (mostly young adults) who are collecting rare tropical plants and how much they are willing to pay for them. Why do they feel so drawn to these plants and what makes the plants so special to them? Is it simply because someone has told them the plant is unusual and or rare? Or is it the unusual characteristics and the fact the plant is so different from what can be found in the average garden center that makes it special? It is quite easy today to see some unusual tropical plants being sold for hundreds of dollars and the new owners feel so special to have them.

It doesn't have to always be the most expensive plants (or things) for us to feel that way. It can be about who gave it to us that makes it so special. I know when you enjoy a special plant in the garden that a friend gave you, most likely you think of that special gift and the person that gave it to you. It continues to bring joy to you for months and even years later.

You may be wondering about the photo or graphic I used above in the introduction. It is another example of how plants are becoming something very special in many homes. Yes, the music streaming service Spotify has playlists such as "Music for Plants" and this is not just one channel or playlist. There are dozens! A quick search will reveal playlists like "PLANTS-Plant Music for Growth, Healing & Energy," and even "Gardening Music." When we see plant popularity growing to the point that music playlists are promoted for them, I think it underscores what we have discussed before about Plant Parenthood!

Part of what Sid said to me was the difference between something being mass-produced versus limited availability. If it is unique or has limited availability, price is not as much a part of the consideration. It can be something that is only available for a limited time, or something really unique or different. But one thing is certain. When someone is drawn to a plant (or product) it can become an emotional connection and when that happens it is then something very special indeed.

I see a number of our Group Centers creating inspiring messaging today. It is wonderful to see them delivering a clean, crisp and clear message of inspiration, creating connections, with no price (or discount) to be found. It is not necessary at that point.

You have so much to share about the great plants you provide and the inspiring, nurturing experience of gardening and those are Very Special Things

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