Two Types of Leadership

Two Types of Leadership

by John Kennedy

As we round out the year with the holidays, it’s always important to begin to think about what 2022 will shape up to be…will it be like 2021? 2020? 2019? Or will it have a personality all of its own?

Whatever the story is to be told, having a plan that will address it is always better than having no plan at all.

Most organizations in the green industry and beyond have a ratio of 90/10. 90% tactical (day-to-day) activities that make them operationally sound. 10% of the time is invested in strategic thinking (bigger picture “why” stuff that puts a plan in play). Too much of one or the other will make a business out of balance and tough to navigate change or rally a team around a common cause or purpose.

The magic mix is 80/20. Invest time, as the year winds down, in creating a plan for the future based upon the lessons and blessings of the past few years. One day can make a year of a difference in reviewing, changing, innovating and creating strategic approaches to your people and processes of your garden center.

Proven Winners has a great program for IGC’s going on where a wealth of knowledge can be found…check with Jessica DeGraaf to learn more…it’s been recorded and will be made available to every Client of The Garden Center Group! A link with be shared soon.

Be strategic in planning and tactical in execution and have a wonderful holiday season ahead.

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