Find Your Work Zen

Find Your Work Zen

by Danny Summers

While the title for this message can be for you, I am really presenting this as an idea for our Centers to consider as a message to promote to prospective team members (new-hires) in the coming seasons.

Evidence is mounting that Garden Centers can be in a prime position to capture the attention of a large number of Millennials who have discovered over the last 18 months they really do not want to return to their typical work environment. I can see the job listing now... Find Your Work Zen at (insert your garden center name here)!

Jean Seawright gave us details in her presentation at The Fall Event 2021 about "The Great Resignation" happening. She said, "Employees are burned out from extra pandemic workloads and stress and are seeking employers who provide an empathetic and caring environment. Many who returned to work this year decided they weren’t happy with the type of work or the culture." She also said, "Many have a desire to work for a company that better aligns with their personal values. Key work values for younger generations: Well-being, diversity, and a work-life balance."

At the same time, we know Millennials are being drawn to plants and gardening in record numbers. In Florence Williams' presentation of "The Nature Fix" at The Fall Event 2021, she shared evidence that all of us have a strong need for nature in our lives in order to be happy, healthy, and more content.

If you consider these separate trends that are well underway, collectively they present a real opportunity for Garden Centers to be able to attract large numbers of enthusiastic new additions to the team in the coming seasons. In the September 13th GROUPtalk, I shared a quote from Simon Sinek, “Customers will love a company when the employees love it first."

Having a team that LOVES PLANTS, LOVES GARDENING, and just enjoys being outside, surrounded by nature... and being around people who do as well, can have a contagious effect on everyone, and especially customers!

No doubt developing the right team, one that shares common interests and values, takes time and a lot of effort. But the benefits greatly outweigh the challenges. At the same time, all it takes is one person (a spoiler) who doesn't share the same interests and values that can quickly dismantle the great work environment so you must guard against the "spoiler". Let's face it... life is too short not to be in a job/career that you enjoy every day. This is at the core of The Great Resignation. And there's something about people who work with plants that makes them a joy to be around. I believe they are getting the joy from plants and passing the joy on to others.

Having the right team in place can help you and everyone around "Find Your Work Zin!"

In the coming weeks, we will feature more ideas to support your efforts to build the right team. One such message this week is from John Kennedy called "The Gig is UP!"

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