The Train of Garden Retailing

The Train of Garden Retailing

by Danny Summers

At first glance this might appear as a strange combination. Train verses Garden Retailing? But bear with me as I share some thoughts I have had in recent months. This idea came to me as I was talking with prospective Centers who asked about what we do in The Group and why they should consider joining. Basically, "Why The Group?"

As I thought about my response, aside from all the normal unique sharing, programs and services The Group offers, strangely enough what I have told our daughter and her husband about buying their first home came to mind. We have had numerous conversations with them about how home prices keep going up and how much more difficult it might be to get into your very first home. I said, "Home ownership is like jumping onto a moving train. Once on-board you gain equity as the overall market goes up and as you pay down the mortgage. If you are not on the train, you are loosing ground, going backwards as the train moves forward."

Now fast-forward to "Why The Group". This idea of a moving training was the perfect example. Let's face it. Over the past 18 months, we have seen more change in Garden Retailing than we have in decades. For as long as I can remember, the industry in general has always been slow to change and also struggled to find the right messages for the consumer to result in substantial growth.

Garden Retailing is changing and obviously, to everyone in The Group, being connected through our community, helps every Center with ideas and solutions to keep moving forward. During the spring of 2020 and 2021, you have had to innovate. You have also identified some things you could change or do without. I believe a major focus for our Centers now is how to work smarter, not harder. How can we continue to innovate, to connect and inspire all the new customers being attracted to gardening like a magnet. You have so many great messages available to you to help encourage and attract your customers. Most of them are messages we knew pre-COVID, but the results of many more people finding joy in gardening during this time substantiates your messages.

On Thursday, at The Fall Event, Florence Williams will be sharing the "Why" of consumers being drawn to gardening and how it is needed. We will explore a number of new ways to share the joy of gardening following our time with her. 'The Nature Fix'... doesn't that tell it all in just three simple words.

Being connected and active in The Group can help you and your Center maximize the results of your time and energies. This all means better performance and profits (I see Steve Bailey smiling now).

The Garden Retailing Train is moving and I am so glad you are on it with us! It will stop for four days in Wilmington, Delaware. I hope to see you there.

The Real Deal!
If this message about trains has gotten any of you real train enthusiasts fired up... here's something for you. Steve Bailey's brother-in-law is co-owner of the real deal. He and a partner found the Soo Line 1003 in a Duluth, MN city park on static display. The city wanted to get rid of it, so they bought it and had it hauled to Green Bay on a semi-trailer for restoration, thanks to a large volunteer effort on the part of fellow rail enthusiasts of the Steam Locomotive Heritage Association. Today, it is housed on a siding that runs into a car museum in Hartford, WI. From there, they run fundraiser excursions for Wisconsin towns and charitable organizations, as well as to downtown Chicago and Milwaukee on occasion. Enjoy seeing one in action below!

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Thanks for sharing!

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