Are You Getting By, or Getting Away? – Part 1

Are You Getting By or Getting Away? – Part 1

by Sid Raisch

With 79 years to go this may be the biggest consumer con-job of the century, and you are involved.

It’s not a joke that COVID-19 became a convenient excuse, a crisis not going to waste, a cop-out, as well as a likely inconvenient trap for companies to find themselves in. Time will tell, and time is growing short as people are adjusting to the NOT return to normal.

The irony struck me pretty quickly in my travels as the lock-down began that the very places that would sell me food and drink would deprive me of the place to relieve myself of the byproduct of their product. Especially Fivebucks, who got by with it, but hasn’t gotten away with it. Stretching the limit on the perceived value for their product, the “store environment” and “service” portions of the Value Triangle (product, environment, and service) were removed all of a sudden - like it was not worth it anymore. Here I am remembering, and telling the story, long after they decided to open their bathrooms and seating areas again. And here I am believing that “five bucks” isn’t quite worth it even now.  
No apology but this could seem a little harsh to you from here on out.
You may be able to relate with me on how companies are withholding their perceived value promise, but may not be thinking about how it applies to you. This all applies to your company too. You may be getting by with it too, but you’re not getting away with it either.

This may be old news but it is not forgotten. Companies are getting by with all sorts of Post-COVID cuts into their perceived value that their customers had become accustomed to. At the same time we joke around about it, we are also experiencing the withdrawal as our expectations have gone unmet. The excuses are wearing thin with me, how about with you?

It’s not fair, and we (consumer hats on) are not about to forget it, or forget to talk about it. There is no return to normal, and there won’t be. There is no resetting of the perceived value proposition that we still expect, but there should be. Our trust is fading, and the brand value of companies that are getting by is eroding along with it.

I say all of this based on what I actually see in garden centers lately, not necessarily yours, but enough of them to believe the issue is the same just about everywhere. Yes, it’s the same broad brush consumers are using – fair or not.

Time for Action!

Clean the place up. I mean seriously CLEAN. IT. UP. Start with the drive-by, curb appeal, sign, parking lot, and entrance. Go next and deep clean your bathrooms, windows, and checkout counters.

Get out the “Sid Carts” and get to work purging the plants your customers have proven they’re not going to buy. What’s a “Sid Cart”? Each morning before opening have everyone take a cart and go through your store and pick up the worst plant on every single bench. If you take one today and another tomorrow and another the day after and keep it up it will take too long, so speed things up by doing a major purge to get caught up and take that crap out of your perceived value. You may need a “Sid Pallet” or a “Sid Truck”. I’m not kidding here. I’ve been known to come into client’s stores and do this myself, leaving the cart load of junk at the register for all to see. After you catch up, you’ll find that your entire selection looks great – well worth the price for every plant, not just the best looking ones. The perceived value will match the product, and your prices will be fair, honest, and worth-it! You may even be able to increase prices to match the better than ever perceived value.

Why do I allow my name to be attached to the “Sid Cart” concept? So you don’t have to. I’m willing to be the “bad guy” to your staff as they cringe when you start doing this. Blame me, before your customers blame you. Just clean the crap up and out of your place and stop getting by with it, because you’re not getting away with it. 

Part 2 – Resetting your Post-COVID Value Proposition is coming up soon.

Make Luck – Luck is When Preparation Meets Opportunity – PREPARE NOW by adopting the new rules and Build Your Above the Bar Future.





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Sid Raisch is a leading consultant for business growth, change, and results throughout the US for over 40 years.  He is a consultant to The Garden Center Group and has helped transform both national and local businesses in horticulture into valuable assets with programs that create change in culture, community and company.

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