How About a Refill?

How About a Refill?

by Danny Summers


Can you imagine that cool refreshing glass of water to quench your thirst on a hot day. How about a refill for your energy tank?

Recent weeks have most certainly taxed you and all of your team as you have served your growing customer needs and most likely, your energy tank is running low. Right?

Then how can you help your entire team to refill their energy tank or at the very least help give everyone a little boost to lift them up to get across the finish line of spring? Here's a few ideas...

  1. Take a Few Minutes - Together: Consider designating a few minutes each day for everyone to come together and just STOP. Suggest everyone simply try to relax a few minutes. Maybe have some relaxing music playing and even have some food/beverage to enjoy. It doesn't have to be much as it's more about the relaxation time.
  2. Small Gifts of Thanks: We might be surprised how a small gesture can make a big impression. What can the team use during their normal workday?
  3. Encourage Re-Charge Time: Take time to talk to all your team about the importance of re-charge time, time for rest and relaxation during off days. Recognizing and understanding the affects of multiple weeks of spring stress and discussing ways to relieve the stress can help everyone. You may even come up with new ideas that can help everyone.
  4. Be Your Team's Encouragement: Everyone needs encouragement during these stressful weeks and you can have a big impact on how each team member can recognize and deal with the spring stress factors.

Those are just a few ideas on how to "refill" both yourself and your team and I hope you will take time today to think about how you can best do just that. Maybe even ask your team for ideas.

I shared the title of this message with John Kennedy, and of course, with his "Team-Builder Coaching" hat on, he posted a short video for all of us. Just click on the image here and watch John's message titled... "Watering You and Your Team."

It's time for a refill!

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Thanks for sharing!

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