The Art of Seeing the Invisible – Part 2

The Art of Seeing the Invisible – Part 2

by Sid Raisch

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” Jonathan Swift

NOTE: (This is a less than 3-minute read).

Are you TOO busy to see the Invisible?  Yes, you are, but there are some things you can become more aware of only while you’re too busy. I’ll keep it short.

While you are up to your eyeballs with alligators during peak season you are not able to see a future that is much better than you invest the time and get the help to imagine.

After they had read Part 1 of this article (click HERE to read it), someone told me they were (too) immersed in their present reality (to see the invisible that could happen if only they could see it and make it happen now). No problem with that, as you’ll read below. The disturbing thing is that when we are focused on the present, we are also systematically preventing a better future from ever becoming and ensuring only incremental improvement of what we’re already doing. What if our exact same focus could produce a 5, 10, 15, or 20% better profit? Why can’t it? Because we aren’t able to see the invisible.

Case in Point #1 - Vision is a funny thing.  There’s a lot of talk about Mission, Vision and Values and I’m all for that, but almost always the vision is lacking any meaningful level of imagination. What if Steve Jobs never imagined the Macintosh? What if President Kennedy had never proclaimed man walking on the moon? The Art of Seeing the Invisible is REAL vision. Almost always though, our vision is only a projection of the present, seeing more of the same things we see now because we know it when we see that and can easily imagine seeing more of it unless we really don’t want more of it. What if our vision was better, and even more believable?

Case in Point #2 - Motivation is a funny thing. When we are operating with our greatest energy “morning people” can’t wait to get to work and “night owls” find it difficult to leave. Think about it. This Superpower level of energy happens when we’re highly motivated. If the motivation comes from a vision of something to become (even if it isn’t THAT good), we just can’t wait to make it happen. What would happen if our vision could be much better than seeing more of what we already see? A breakthrough would happen. A real vision should be a breakthrough – something no one has seen before.

When you are up to your eyeballs in Alligators and getting worn down by the day, it is hard to stay motivated, and easy to become even more tired to the point of sacrificing our health, time for ourselves, and time our family to create what could have become if only we could have imagined it, with the same 110% plus all-in effort that we already give during peak season.

A Better Vision: The word better is operative. Take a moment and answer now – let go of any limitations and just write down quick answers to these two tiny and powerful questions:

  1. What makes our present situation less than ideal now? (STOP – no excuses, cant’s, if’s, and’s or but’s.)
  2. What would we have/be/do that would make it not just better, but truly  ideal?

Time’s up! Get back to where you need to be right now, dealing with the Alligators. Later in Part 3, we’ll be able to take time to see the invisible that could be if only we could see it, if only we really wanted to. I do, and hope you do too!

Make Luck – Luck is When Preparation Meets Opportunity – PREPARE NOW by adopting the new rules and build your future with them. Text, call email or Message. I can help.

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