Annual P&L Study 2020 - High Achievers

Annual P&L Study 2020 - High Achievers

by Tim Quebedeaux

Today we will reveal who is in the High Achievers Group defined as attaining between 5% & 10% Adjusted Profit in 2020. A slightly smaller group this year, going from 18 to 16. They were able to navigate through all the challenges of last year to achieve an average of 8.3% profitability.


The High Achievers of the 2020 P&L Study:

  • American Tree
  • B.B. Barns
  • Burnett’s Country Gardens
  • Dickman Farms Greenhouse & Garden Center
  • Graf Growers
  • Ken Matthews Garden Center
  • Louisiana Nursery Perkins Rd
  • Meadows Farms / Corp. & Dulles
  • Milmont Greenhouses
  • New Garden Gazebo
  • Reems Creek Nursery
  • Rockledge Gardens
  • Round Rock Garden Center
  • Sunny Meadows Garden Center
  • Town & Country Gardens
  • Wilson’s Garden Center

As we congratulate this great group of Centers, let’s look at the next two parts of the P&L Study: Physical Facility Information & Average Sale, and Transactions Counts Information.

In Physical Facility information there are lot of numbers reported which all point to three key ratios; Sales per Parking Space, Sales per Acre, and Sales per POS Terminal. In most 10% Profitable Garden Center you will see approximately $50K per parking space, $1M per Acre, and $1M per POS Terminal. In analyzing each one of these ratios you will be able to pin point where improvements are needed to increase your productivity and ultimately profitability.

The next section dives into the Revenues and Transactions. This starts with Average Sale, Business Cost, Margin Dollars, and Marketing Cost per transactions. By scaling these numbers to each transaction, it makes an easy comparison across the board to other groups such as Retail, Retailer Grower or Best Practices. Some of these metrics, such as Business Cost per transaction, make great training tools to explain costs to all employees. Increasing their understanding of how the business works helps them take ownership and succeed. This section then moves on to Marketing Cost and Payment Methods. The Marketing Comparisons are just that. Compare yourself to what others are spending. The Payment Methods ultimately show your credit card rate. Ensure you are getting the best you can here, certainly a place where you can find a few points that go straight to your bottom line! The final KPI in this section is GMROL, Gross Margin Return on Labor Hours. This is a measure of your productivity, as it is your Margin dollars compared to actual hours spent from seasonal staff all the way to owners. A low GMROL is usually an indication of a high W&WB percentage.

Within these parts of the P&L Study a lot of numbers are crunched to produce some key ratios that will help you tweak your business operations. Next time we will dive into Inventory turns and GMROII, two important key performance of your Inventory Management performance. We will also be announcing the Best Practices Garden Centers of 2020!

Got questions or need more information about The Group's the Weekly Department Review (WDR) or Annual P&L Study? Give Tim or Steve a call or email.

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Tim Quebedeaux and Steve Bailey with RetailKPI Consulting are service providers for The Garden Center Group and manages all Group financial sharing programs. The Weekly Department Review (WDR) and The Annual P&L Study are industry exclusives developed by The Garden Center Group and are included in your retainer!

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