Your Message

Your Message

by Danny Summers

This is a very important subject. Of course it begins with the question... What is your message? There are several levels to the answer. The over-arching purpose for your center is just a start. Then you may develop a theme for the coming season or year. Then it can be broken down to weeks, special holidays, recognized events and or intra-seasonal activities. There's a lot of things to consider and as Tom Kegley has said, developing a message that is uniquely yours is very important and takes time. After all, it's your BRAND! (This would be a great place for me to remind you to revisit Tom Kegley's "Let Your Brand Rock" blog article.)

Once you have your messages, the next consideration is how to get the word out. What available promotional tools or systems are best to use to disseminate your message each week?

Michael Katz, who will be presenting to us February 11th during the GROUPtalk LIVE Series main session, says, "Email newsletters – and their connection to social media – offer a low-cost, scalable, and interactive way to build and reinforce customer bonds."

Michael says he believes one of the best places to begin is with your e-newsletter and then develop ways to quickly extend the message onward to other tools or systems. How you structure your message can make it easier to allow for multiple tools and systems to be working together and therefore leveraging your message and maximize its coverage. There are several important considerations he will be giving you in order to be the most successful.

Coming in April: Another GROUPtalk LIVE Series main session will help you with building your social audience when Aaron and Laura at Garden Answer will be with us on April 8th. They will share ideas utilizing their experience in building a huge following on social platforms (as high as 3.5 million Facebook followers and 1.1 million Youtube channel subscribers today). Some of you are now featuring their videos on your website through the Proven Winners Connect+ Program. If you were with us in Salt Lake for The Fall Event you received a glimpse into their online world then. This will continue that conversation and we will see what has changed since then and new perspectives they might have for you. Don't miss it.

These topics and conversations will continue to evolve and your participation is very important as we navigate together for ideas on how best to get your message out!

Stay Tuned!

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Thanks for sharing!

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