A Growing Trend

A Growing Trend

by Danny Summers

Foodies, Home-Grown, Garden-to-Table, Modern Homesteading, and More

The groundwork for what you (and most all Garden Centers) have experienced this spring was being laid over the last several years. More young consumers were experiencing the desire for more plants in their lives, healthier organic foods, sustainability, and making good choices that can have a positive effect on their overall health and lifestyles. This experience coupled with a C-19 spring has produced a tidal wave to push these new consumers into a hyper state of seeking the natural experience they need and desire. A quick search of most social platforms today offers confirmation of what we see happening.

When did you ever think Wayfair, famous for online sales of home furnishings, would ever be showing Chicken Coops as a "popular pick?" This is actually happening; it showed up in my email last week. I'll bet subscriptions for publications like Mother Earth News is growing by leaps and bounds (no way to confirm that). Publications like Living the Country Life may be very well positioned as we hear of growing trends of population shifts from large metro areas to more rural living. The cover below has a smaller caption of "From the BIG CITY to goat farm ... They Did It!"










So, what does this mean for your center moving forward? I believe more of our centers have been moving in this direction over the past few years – focusing more on plants, and more organic gardening supplies and solutions. And, of course, helping customers learn, enjoy, and be successful in their gardens. This spring season also has shown us the importance of food and growing home gardens. Some of our centers were already positioned as a farm store, with animal feed and supplies. Just as we have shared Four Seasons Greenhouse & Nursery's Winter Vegetable Program last year, Gail and Vic Vanic have now expanded their offerings by adding a new cooler this spring and providing room for local dairy and meats to compliment the fresh vegetables to become even more of a local farmers' market. Maybe it is becoming more of a Nature Center overall. Modern Homesteading will certainly be drawing greater interest.

This is a very exciting time to be in the Garden Center (aka Nature Center) business. What you offer is extremely important and all indications point to even bigger things are ahead. In fact, just wait until you hear what Ken Gronbach will be sharing with you in our first GROUPtalk-LIVE Series launch, keynote session August 13.

It's coming and we have to be prepared.

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