Finding Your Balance

Finding Your Balance

by Danny Summers

Let's face it. Spring is a marathon and you and your entire staff are exhausted near the end. It's Week 23 and the energy level is waning. I thought this would be a good time to make suggestion. How can you and your team find your balance in the next few weeks?

Finding your balance can mean a balance between time for you and time for your business or work. Balance can be time for your family or your hobbies and things that can help you recharge. Leaders are responsible for making sure those they lead are healthy and happy. This leads right into the message John Kennedy has for you this month (details are below) - don't miss seeing and hearing it.

Here's a few ideas for you to consider. Time off - everyone needs down time, time to recharge, refresh, and move ahead. Team Recognition - recognize contributions made by the entire team and individuals this spring. Let them participate in ideas on how improvements an be made in the future and reward ideas. Team Events/Activities - consider developing several events or outings. This can be as simple as a pizza lunch, or special items for breakfast a couple of days. This is can a nice surprise so spring it on them! Make it fun and unexpected. One major point to all of this... it doesn't have to cost a lot. It can be special, everyone together, and encouraging.

Leaders help everyone find their BALANCE!


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