John Kennedy is Now Available On Demand 24-7-365

John Kennedy is Now Available "On-Demand" 24/7/365

by Danny Summers

I have an important announcement!


I am excited to share this opportunity to experience what John Kennedy's training can do for you and your company. Whether you have 3 or 30 employees, John Kennedy On Demand can make a real difference in your team, your culture and your bottom line.

Some Group Centers have found a real difference by engaging John Kennedy to help with their team building, having John “on-site” multiple times a year.

Some months back, John and I were "brainstorming" on how he could help more centers more often.  John, partnering with The Design Works, has now created a comprehensive online video subscription platform that allows his knowledge and energy to continue the momentum he creates with each GCG member’s leaders and teams.

You, our Group Clients, are the first to see this offer. Your annual subscription to John Kennedy On Demand will include nearly 50 videos in two series titled “LeaderSHIFT” and “TeamSHIFT” with more are on the way. Each video is 4 to 7 minutes for quick viewing adding training value to your weekly staff or management meeting!

INTRODUCING: John Kennedy - On Demand

In any industry, including the green industry, the art of communication is a vital part of the equation. From leaders listening to their staff, to the staff listening to their customers, and to the customers listening to the valuable knowledge of the garden center employee, listening is key!

When we “seek first to understand and then be understood” we find we are learning to listen with intention.  We are learning to listen with purpose. We are learning to listen actively.  When we actively listen with intention and purpose, we will find 90% of the issue is addressed and resolved--instead of interrupting, waiting for them to finish or just plain ignoring.

In the following short video created by John Kennedy On Demand, you will be able to educate your garden center staff to better understand each other and the customer. It is by understanding we find both value and knowledge that can be converted to sales and service!
Click on the image below to visit John Kennedy On-Demand for more details...


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