Rounding Third – Heading Toward Safety?

Rounding Third – Heading Toward Safety?

by Sid Raisch

The thrill of being a kid within local broadcast range of the Cincinnati Reds in the 60’s, and then The Big Red Machine in the 70’s creates lasting memories and impressions. It was all so incredible from the point of view of a kid in a small town an hour away like I was back in the day. I’m not much of a fan since then but I can tell you that back then you didn’t need to be a sports fan to be a fan of the Reds. It was infectious. It was contagious. And that’s enough of that talk.

Reminiscing is nice, and yes, this does have something to do with the garden center business. Quite possibly as big as the Big Red Machine itself was the sound of the games as broadcast by Joe Nuxhall if you were in range of The Big One - 700WLW radio. You just never forget Nuxy’s voice, and trademark closing to every game, "rounding third and heading for home" which is memorialized in a sign between 3rd and home bases high on the outside of the Great American Ballpark and visible as you drive along Interstate 71. Usually, Joe added, “and this one belongs to the Reds!

Speaking of teams, a rooky manager Sparky Anderson really put one together with “The Great Eight” starting lineup of Bench, Rose, Morgan, Pérez, Concepción, Foster, Griffey, and Gerónimo (click on photo for larger view).

Sparky’s inspiration may be why the Cincinnati area boasts some of the greatest garden center teams like those at White Oak Gardens, Natorp’s Nursery, and Berns Garden Centers. You’ll have to ask them.

While we’re rounding out the third quarter and heading for home in 2021, there’s some business yet to be done before we pack it in. The foundation of a great year is the clean closing out of the one before it. For many of you, the celebration of another very successful year is well deserved and is in order. We don’t want to regret not doing that.

The chance to clean up and put away the gear is one to not miss.  Is NOW a great time to get rid of the old crap of the past – the tattered uniforms and rotting benches and for Sid’s sake, those old wagons? Is that gravel and black fabric still ugly? Do we all need to clear out the old, outdated signs and banners of the past? If we just throw that old faded and dated stuff in the dumpster now, then we’ll finally “GET TO” (as opposed to “have to”) buy or make new ones for spring.

Winter is never long enough. Have we all learned that all the things we plan to get done in the winter always take longer than the winter lasts? Waiting to decide what things to do this winter is the object enemy of getting them done.

Practical reality has taught us in the past that our own efforts often don’t raise the bar very much higher. Think about this – if it weren’t for COVID, how well would you have done in 2020 and 2021?

There’s a tendency in our business to play it safe and not stir things up too much. Maybe we should all think more seriously about intentionally stirring things up for 2022?

Before packing it in on The Fall Event 2021 Raising the Bar theme, have you decided what you will put between the bar of 2021 and where you plan to raise it for 2022?

There are lots to choose from – Building a higher-functioning team? Redefining a well-oiled operational machine? Giving the place a facelift? Optimizing pricing practices to capture unrealized perceived value? Creating real efficiency that lowers the cost structure of the business? Capitalizing on one of the Value Builder System 8 Key Drivers of building the value of your business? Now there’s a method for your intentional madness.

Before procrastination or other busyness steals another year from you Text or Call 937-302-0423 or send an email to [email protected] .

Sid Raisch is an advocate for family business leading growth, change, and results throughout US horticulture. Redefining the business future for consumer horticulture by understanding how the end-to-end supply chain needs to be redirected is a skill Sid has honed into an art. He has understanding and insight through inquisitive observations and extensive experience and has served as a trusted advisor helping transform both national and local businesses into more profitable and sustainable businesses. Developing national and international educational programs that create change in culture, community and company provides Sid venues with a front row seat creating effective and innovative business models.

Sid is a Certified Value Builder System Advisor, and currently serves as Chief Strategist and the Swiss Army Knife of Consultants to The Garden Center Group clients. Contact Sid at [email protected] or call or text  937-302-0423.

REMEMBER: Your interaction (by phone and email) with Group Service Providers such as Sid Raisch, Steve Bailey, Tim Quebedeaux, Robert Hendrickson, Jean Seawright, and John Kennedy are included in your retainer!

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