It's a Laughing Matter!

It's a Laughing Matter!

by Sid Raisch

This is a Laughing Matter. The last thing you want to do is remind people how bad things are, and injecting humor can help you, and them at the same time.

Next to plants, humor is powerful medicine. A cocktail of the two, and BOOM! Developing a sense of humor into the garden center accelerates the sense of escape, and can take customers into the here and now - right where you are, leaving their worries behind.

I'm sharing with you the National Comedy Center and their Comedy Center Anywhere program. As you know, museums are closed and the NCC has taken their show on the road via streaming comedy.

I stumbled across the National Comedy Center while visiting Jamestown New York early in January. Turns out it was exactly the medicine I needed, and inspiration to introduce you to the NCC. Going back to then, I went out for a walk from the hotel and unexpectedly walked right past the Lucy & Dezi Arnez Museum. It caught me off guard but I thought maybe I'd go through it the next morning. As my walk continued I then stumbled across the National Comedy Center. It was Friday night and their building size digital sign announced they were open until 8 PM so I went in, and got lost in laughter the next 2 hours.

I was in a town near Jamestown to get our favorite middle son checked-in to a nearby RTF, (Residential Treatment Facility). He is autistic, and also a victim of early childhood trauma before he went into foster care. We adopted him and his younger brother. That was about a dozen years ago. He's now 17 and has been going through trauma-related issues along with autism, and puberty. It's been a long, rough road navigating special education and trauma-related issues that masked the autism. There's a long story to go with the long road that I'm happy to talk about with anyone who is going through something similar.

I'd like to share something about autism (Autism is a broad spectrum of symptoms including those known as Asperger) that you should know. Autism Spectrum Disorder is a special condition. Autistic is what a person with autism is. It isn't something they "catch", like a disease. While considered a disorder, it is a gift, in a manner of speaking, like being "artistic", but different of course. There are some very famous Autistic people like Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Thomas Jefferson, and others.

Getting Back to Comedy.

There are several Autistic comedians you might know. Dan Aykroyd, Ray Romano, and Jerry Seinfeld to drop just a few names.

This video of a Michael McCreary, a young and aspiring Autistic comedian explains autism in a funny way.


Take a virtual trip to the National Comedy Center to get lost in laughter - exactly the medicine you need now. Laughter isn't the best medicine. Medicine is. Comedy and Laughter can prevent the need for medicine. More humor, exactly when you need it is powerful and has a place in retail. Go make 'em laugh!

(This one is for Erma Rhadigan from Ray Weigand Nursery, who always makes me and anyone around her laugh.)

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