GROUPtalk-Live: Operation "Engaging the Engagers"

GROUPtalk-Live: Operation "Engaging the Engagers"

by Sid Raisch

Overwhelmed yet?

The past week brought many IGC’s to a new realization of frustration and awareness that this Curbside Pickup and Delivery thing isn’t scalable to meet peak Spring demand.

What to do about it?

Take a step back so you can take two or more forward. Things are about to get ugly, or we’re going to figure out how to keep that from happening.

Step in, and watch or listen to the recorded GroupTalk LIVE! You’ll hear, or hear again, why it is important to come up with your own plan for taking care of your customers who have been paying your bills all these years. Focus on that and you’ll be better able to cope with all of this.

After you listen to this, come back and sign up for Session 2 – WHO – Engaging the Customer Engagers.

Click HERE to view the first session: Operation: Engage the Customers kicked off with a recorded GROUPtalk-Live! Presentation you can watch here as well as read the previous introduction - "Can You make It?"
Click HERE to sign up for: GROUPtalk-Live: Operation: "Engaging the Engagers"
This Thursday, April 16, 2020, 11:00am Eastern.

This will be a short video presentation to focus on WHO (not How) so you can become equipped to engage your engagers so they can engage your customers for MUCH HIGHER individual sales, which will carry into MUCH HIGHER average sale.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TIME to NOT engage in this NOW. Take one step back so you can take two steps forward. Do it NOW – you will not be able to later.

Best regards,

Want help?
I’m here for you. Text or call me now while you’re in the mood to Raise the Bar by Engaging the Customer.

Sid Raisch
Cell: 937-302-0423
[email protected]

Sid Raisch is a leading consultant for business growth, change, and results throughout the US for over 40 years.  He is a consultant to The Garden Center Group and has helped transform both national and local businesses in horticulture into valuable assets with programs that create change in culture, community and company.

REMEMBER: Your interaction (by phone and email) with Group Service Providers such as Robert Hendrickson, Steve Bailey, Sid Raisch, Jean Seawright, and John Kennedy are included in your retainer!

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