Building an Ad - Creating a Story

Building an Ad - Creating a Story

by Robert Hendrickson

One of many resources included in The Group's WebSystem is the fundamental principle Robert Hendrickson developed on how to create your messaging to your audience to build a lasting relationship. One that is not built around "PRICE" but around a connection. This is the most important time for all of our centers, the coming weeks. It is a great time to revisit these basic principles... [Danny Summers]


Just because you spend time and money on marketing doesn't mean you're doing what should be done. Before creating any form of advertising, keep in mind that the first two questions a potential customer asks are...

“WHY should I care about what you’re telling me?”
“How will what you’re saying improve my life?”

Companies have three “stories” that can be told...
- a story about us
- a story about our stuff
- a story about our customers

It would seem logical/emotional that the most effective story would be about...
1. Our customer
2. Their desires
3. Addressing fun, relaxing and personally rewarding experiences

Reminding them that we...
4. Have the right stuff/solutions
5. Found at a great place
6. With people focused on making them a success

A story built around this plot should be exciting to the reader/listener/viewer. Get the topics out of sequence or focus on the wrong message and the question
every customer asks becomes “Why should I care?”

Remember... the four most important words in advertising are...

Tell Me A Story.


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