Same As It Ever Was-Sorta

Same As It Ever Was… Sorta.

by Robert Hendrickson

My last article for IGC magazine is scheduled to run next month. The article is supposed to be titled… “That’s All Folks”… informing the industry that my efforts trying to help have gone on long enough. Besides, ever since Danny and Karen purchased The Group, people have been telling me, “I heard you retired.” Lately my response has been, “I didn’t retire… I quit!” Retiring sounds like some old guy shuffling off into the fog. Quitting sounds like I’m doing what I want to do when I want to do it. You can read my farewell article HERE.

As far as the “industry” goes… I did quit. No more articles, presentations, tours or trade shows (except when shopping for plants for 3GFarm.)

As far as The Group goes… it’s the same as it ever was.

Let me explain…

There’s a really good book titled, “You Can Retire Sooner Than You Think” by Wes Moss. I’ve recommended it to dozens of people to help them prepare before it becomes time for them to “quit”. While the book eventually gets to the topic of money, the main focus explains the importance of why people need to be planning how they will spend their time once they stop doing what they’ve been doing for years. One suggestion in the book grabbed my attention… “Depending on your career, you may not need to completely retire. You just get really picky with who you want to work with.”

No more trying to help the “industry”. Been there… done that… time to move on. Now my stint will be working with “people”… especially those I enjoy working with.

I’m back to where things began… working one on one with people in The Group I enjoy working with.


So Robert Hendrickson is now ...


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