A Retailer's Christmas Lament

A Retailer's Christmas Lament

by Robert Hendrickson (with a little help from Santa)

We want to pass along a short video message crafted by Robert Hendrickson (with a little help from Santa).

Robert sends this to all the Group Centers working so hard this holiday season. He received it as a going away gift from 'Bad Robert' (which sounds a lot like one of the kings in Game of Thrones) as a reminder that there's always another way to approach every challenge. You can see the special video message below!

Text: A Retailer’s Christmas Lament - by Robert Hendrickson

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the store,
not a customer was stirring, except one grumpy old bore...
asking how much I’d take for the rest of my stuff... but it better be cheap or she’ll leave in a huff.
So I check the low margins on items still there,
and say...
“Take it all with you... I really don’t care.
This season called Christmas will be the death of me soon. I work twice as hard, yet make less than in June.”
"So you want it? Good riddance.
It’s all three years old.
Just give me a dollar... consider it sold.
I’ll even throw in a wreath...
help you load your big trunk.
And when we get finished...
I’ll go home and get drunk.
There’s a meeting on Monday when my staff wants to know... “Can we go to a trade show so we can buy more?”
I’ll remember this moment as the year closes out...
I can choose to do Christmas,
or take a new route.
Maybe close down in November... tell the staff to stay home. I’ll visit the Keys next Christmas season,
where there’s beaches to roam.   

© Robert Hendrickson - 2021

Merry Christmas!

"If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.” 
~ Peter Drucker
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