The Super Bore Review

The Super Bore Review

by Robert Hendrickson

[Danny] If you have been around The Group very long, you know Robert Hendrickson is famous for sharing his critiques of each Superbowl's ads. While I remember some lengthy reviews in the past, this year's are probably the shortest I can remember. To view any of these, simply click on the photo image. Hang on for a quick ride...And here's.... Robert!


It was what’s called in the sports world… “a perfect match-up”.

Which in this case means a super boring game, interrupted by a boring run of commercials, separated by a boring and excruciating half-time wiggle-romp by some old man pretending and failing miserably to be super cool, somehow getting a pass for doing the same thing that got Miss Jackson in trouble.

The only redeeming seconds was watching a room full of old football guys who at least know they’re old, trashing a ballroom with big smiles, not knowing the scripted disaster was a snapshot of the real disaster taking place that night.

Now instead of companies being known for running ads on the Super Bowl, they’ll forever be known as companies associated with the Super Bore Game. Probably not what they hoped spending five mil plus production cost would get them.



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