Well Isnt This a Twist in Everybodys Knickers!

Well Isn’t This a Twist in Everybody’s Knickers!

by Robert Hendrickson

While many in the garden center industry seem hellbent on rushing into a business model where they’re unfamiliar, unprepared and undercapitalized to actually create something worth the distraction, Amazon just announced they’re planning on opening 3000 brick and mortar AmazonGo stores to go along with their Whole Foods and bookstore locations. (See the announcement here)

I had just two bosses before venturing into consulting. Both were strong-willed, demanding owners who allowed me to do almost anything in order to grow sales and profits… as long as it worked. I helped the Maryland owner create one of the industry’s top garden centers at the time by constantly being reminded what was required to succeed. 

“Business is really quite simple,”he would say… over and over and over.

“Just do better what you do best.”

For garden centers I always thought that was creating an amazing real-life shopping experience. That in itself should be enough to keep any garden center owner and their team focused on what happens on their property instead of on a shipping department tucked away in a shed.

Just sayin’.


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