Some Business. All Pleasure. No Regrets

Some Business. All Pleasure. No Regrets

by John Kennedy

As we continue to adapt and accept the new landscape of the garden center industry and find peace, gratitude and joy in the cracks and crevices that appear, I feel a new “rebirth” approaching…a new outlooka new view over the horizon.

One that I want to move intentionally towards…figuratively and literally.

With travel being confined to either the virtual space of my office or the socially-distanced conference rooms of clients, I have felt an itch…a need to broaden my travel circle beyond our back yard. This itch seems vaguely familiar to me, and one that our 16-year-old son, Hayden is currently scratching.


He’s getting his license this coming week, and his current routes of travel, usually limited to either his bus ride to high school or our drive thru at Chick-Fil-A, will broaden dramatically over the next few years. The spirit of the open road will call him, and we are certain he will answer with a dangerously-confident teenage “hello!”

Please pray for us…

We all remember that feeling--that compelling crescendo of confidence to strike out on our own. To hit the ground running…driving…moving and shaking along the way.

Mine came in college when a good friend and I hopped into a 1979 Toyota Corolla and headed west to California for the summer of our Junior year. It was one of the most independent and freeing moments of my life, and I have always yearned for a return to that time and place (Eddie Money song is currently in my head --“I Wanna Go Back”).

As Hayden begins to explore the back roads of Virginia, Souny and I decided we would begin to explore the back roads of America. We did something that, even six months ago, I would have lost a bet if anyone stated-- “You’re going to buy an RV in 2020.”

Yup! We did!

We bought a Class B van and have begun to blend our work and our life--a mobile office get-us-there that doubles as a mobile off-grid get-a-way. An escape pod that we have chosen as an investment in our current sanity and our future semi-retirement.

You learn a lot about someone when you are cooped up in a suped up van for a week or more, and I’ve learned I’m the luckiest man on the planet!

Since the claustrophobic confines of Covid have dragged on, and on, and on, we just needed to get the heck out of Dodge. And so, we have…to Savannah, Rockledge, Ashville, Lowell, Corolla, Reston, McDonald, Daytona, Bull Run, Philly, and next stop, Hendersonville, NC—some business, all pleasure and no regrets!

And those three phrases--some business, all pleasure, no regrets sometimes get very confused and scrambled--All business, no pleasure, and some regrets.

My want and hope for you is that during this kinetic time of change and uncanny time of success, may you choose to find the crevices and cracks that allow some business, all pleasure and no regrets. Especially as the extended season winds down, and the holidays on the horizon appear. May we enjoy a slower pace, a reinvestment in our relationships, a chance to get out of Dodge and dodge the pandemonium of the pandemic…even if just for a little while.

And as you head out on the open roads and leave your worries in the rearview mirror, please put your blinker on when you change lanes…there’s a 16-year old who needs a little warning!

See you soon…on the road or online,

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