Sweat the Big Stuff…It’s Not All Big Stuff!

Sweat the Big Stuff…It’s Not All Big Stuff!

by John Kennedy

Welcome to the month of February and the month of FOCUS! 

As we gear up for our spring seasons throughout the United States, we have a tendency to identify all of the tasks that are necessary to get your business back into tip top shape. Those tasks are often many in number and certainly needed to meet the deadline of your kick off to the 100 days of sales that represent over 50% of your revenue for the year.

These items can be considered the “small stuff” if we were to classify them, and yet they are valuable investments of our time for certain; but I want to suggest that you consider the big stuff a little more this time around the sun.

I literally invite you to “Sweat the Big Stuff!”

For those enrolled in the “Start Moving Mountains” program, we identify the big stuff as boulders. They are few in number yet mighty in merit. They represent the majority of your success yet may have the minority of time invested in them. I know that sounds strange, but focusing on the big stuff that matters most only once a week for one hour translates to one week a year that you sweat the big stuff.

I often equate the health of a business to the health of your body. If I only lift small weights and never increase my effort, I will only maintain my size and shape (if I also consume the same healthy diet). If I consume more food than my normal workout requires, then I am probably going to add a few unwanted pounds (inventory).

So too with your business.

If we incorporate a few boulders into our monthly routine, we are sure to build a little more muscle mass (profitability, sales, retention, client experience) and build a healthier business in the process. So, I challenge you in your monthly workout of business to produce a little sweat with the big stuff—your boulders of opportunity.

A client example from Canada: Their two boulders for 2020--Increasing “one more item” on each transaction and track their client base to return for “one more visit”.

Two Boulders. One Hour a Week. Four Hours a Month. Fifty Hours this Year.

I challenge you in the month of February to FOCUS on two boulders that will help you become a healthier business in 2020.

Sweat the Big Stuff!


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