August Word of the Month - Engagement

August Word of the Month - Engagement

A Double Shot of Engagement
by John Kennedy


As the “ReFresh” video described the importance of engaging your customers in understanding their needs and expectations, this article addresses a similar approach for your company and your team of committed and dedicated employees.

Today’s workplace demands more than ever before.  Attracting top talent is one half of the equation and a topic I recently presented at Cultivate 2019 in Columbus, Ohio.

Getting the right folks to be interested in your company, your customers and your culture is now a driving part of recruitment, and the decision for the prospective employee is more on their side than the business owner’s side—they are interviewing you!!

The other half of the equation is the retention side. How do we keep the top talent? There is one word that drives the answerENGAGEMENT.

There are many things an organization can chose to do to engage their workforce. In fact, there's a “1,001 Ways” if you have read Bob Nelson’s book, but therein lies the problem.

There are so many ways to drive team engagement; we don’t focus on the few that matter most.  So I thought I would give you a top list of items that one of my clients (a multi-billion international distributor) measures on an annual basis when it comes to employee engagement. This world-class company is committed to driving employee engagement across all “Job Families” (departments), which in turn drives employee attraction. A unique approach to “build it and they will come.”
Top Engagement Categories

  • Motivation
  • Involvement and Belonging
  • Change Management
  • Communication
  • Growth & Development
  • Manager Effectiveness
  • Values
  • Future Vision
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Health and Well Being
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Sustainability
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Innovation/Customer Focus
  • Employee Engagement Accountability

So from 1001 to 16 is a pretty big jump, but my point is minimalism.  Start small. Pick one. Do one perfectly. Measure it so you know you are improving. Stay focused. Do the little things really well. Be consistent in the one before you move on to another. And chose the one that is best for your workplace--The one that fits your employees and their needs.  And there is only one good way to find out what that one is…ask your employees!

If you are going to move towards a culture that drives employee engagement, you need to engage the employees in developing that culture. What you believe matters to them may be very different than what actually matters to them.

Every company is different. Every company culture is different. And true leadership is not only determining what is right for your team, but also driving what is right, on a consistent basis, to the point of it becoming part of your culture.

Pick One. Do It Right. Do It Well.
Do It Consistently. Do It Today.

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