June Word of the Month - GROW!

June Word of the Month - GROW!

By John Kennedy


Welcome to the month of June where the word of the month is GROW! In every aspect of our lives, there are so many things we need to focus on to grow. In fact, I think there are actually too many things to focus on, which in turn, becomes somewhat overwhelming.

Business. Faith. Family. Health. Clients. Employees. Margin. Wealth. Wellness. Balance. Passion. Relationships. Relevance. Sales. Spirit. Succession.

The list goes on…

Some of these take a little time and the results are in increments. Some take a fair amount of time and the results are incredible (as discussed in the “Water the Bamboo” portion of the video).

I challenge you, in the month of June, to pick three values to feed so that you can GROW those values in your life.

You may choose three business metrics (sales, margin, transactions, accounts, employees, members, value, relevance, or clarity).  You may choose three aspects of your personal life (faith, forgiveness, fun, love, happiness, balance, passion, purpose, relationships, or wellness). Or you may choose a balance of both.

The next and vital question becomes:  What do I need to feed these in order to grow these?  Choose wisely and feel free to reach out and share with others or with me as you embark on this journey of transformation and growth.

We grow what we feed…I choose love.







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