Founded with a Purpose

Founded with a Purpose

by Danny Summers

If you have been in the BWI (Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport) and in the A/B Terminal Food Court area, most likely you have seen the round coffee stand in the center of the area. It is Mayorga Coffee, a local coffee roaster in Rockville, MD (about 6 miles northwest of the Washington, DC beltway).

Having enjoyed my first cup of what I call Mayorga's flagship dark-roast, Cafe Cubano, I was determined to find where we could get more for our everyday java-fix.

Let me share Mayorga's "tasting notes" for Cafe Cubano (kinda sounds wine-tasting notes):

Bold – Smooth – Sweet
Full body cup with hints of vanilla and a sweet, syrupy smokiness, with a smooth, bold finish.

At this point, if you are starting the get the picture that I was "hooked", you are correct! And I am sure by now you're wondering... how does this tie into Founded with a Purpose?

Well, I found a consistent supply of Cafe Cubano and Karen and I have been enjoying Cafe Cubano ever since then. That's actually my first "to-do" each morning... Grind the beans and make a pot and serve Cafe Cubano to the Love of My Life! And, I enjoy it just as much too.

Recently, we just found that we can even order Cafe Cubano single-serve pods so we can take them with us when we travel. Most hotels today have K-Cup style makers in the rooms so we can take our favorite coffee wherever we go.

OK, I have offered enough details of our love for Cafe Cubano by Mayorga Coffee. Now it's time to tie this into the message title.

Recently the Cafe Cubano 2 lb. bags have been redesigned and on the back it now features in large type... Founded with a Purpose.

Following the Founded with a Purpose title, Mayorga's CEO, Martin Mayorga includes a two-paragraph message on why he founded the company 25 years ago. And here's a hint... the stated purpose does not mention producing a profit. This reminds me of a message some weeks back from Simon Sinek. Be sure to see that in the Quote of the Week below.

Watch this short message from Martin Mayorga about their purpose...

What's Your Center's Purpose?
Last Thursday, I received Mostardi Nursery's weekly enews. Their tagline is "Exceptional Plants for Your Home & Garden." And the message said they had some exciting news. Mostardi Nursery had received the Newtown Square's Green Business Leader Award. I asked Steve about the award and he said,

"It's interesting, because the origins of this sustainability initiative in our town can be traced back to participation in the America in Bloom program.

We happen to be the only municipality in Pennsylvania that participates, and for about 10 years now, we have grown flowering annuals for display in hanging baskets and planters to be displayed at the key intersections of roadways in town. Fortunately, there is a local resident who is our community champion for Newtown Square in Bloom, and his enthusiasm for the environment and for networking with other residents as well as the township supervisors, has really been a catalyst which has led to the Green Business Coalition. In addition, as a result of our combined efforts, the township now has a Shade Tree Commission, and an Environmental Awareness Council. The bottom line is that all these efforts have resulted in an improved quality of life for the community, and hopefully, increased awareness of the value of plants and gardening overall."

The enews announcement said, "Mostardi Nursery is proud to announce our recent award as a Green Business Leader for Newtown Square! For many years we have donated plants and supplies to the township for welcome signs and township parks. So many customers come in and say, I’m in my happy place! We like to think we are improving the quality of life for our customers by being a reliable source for exceptional trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, and houseplants – and providing the knowledge and supplies to keep those plants healthy."

Within minutes of receiving the Mostardi enews I also received one from Meadows Farms. I have often quoted their tagline of Plant a Little Happiness. In this enews, they announced their annual Alzheimer's Day when they raise contributions to the Alzheimer's Association in honor of their founder, 'Farmer' Bill Meadows. Over the last 8 years they have raised over $200,000 for the cause with the support of their customers.

I realize both the Mostardi's and Meadows' messages here are more in the program category than stating a purpose, but I feel both of them speak to a purpose very clearly. They both care deeply about their communities and work to make them a better place to live. Part of Mostardi's message actually said, "improving the quality of life for our customers." That sounds like a great example of a statement of purpose.

Watching Mayorga's Purpose Video
When you watched the Mayorga video above, you saw how Martin Mayorga has a passionate message about his coffee company. Its beginnings are rooted in his childhood and his observations of poverty in Latin America, particularly in areas that grow and produce coffee beans. He was determined to make a difference for these farm families.

Here's is a link to Mayorga's Coffee's website if you want to have the Cafe Cubano experience. And don't forget their coffee stand in BWI next time you are passing through.

I also want to share a video from Renee’s Garden, another company, Founded with a Purpose, and one of our new Sponsors of The Fall Event 2024. Here’s how they introduce this video:

"Sneak Peek At Our PBS Mini-Documentary
Last October, we spent two days filming in the trial garden with a production company that works closely with PBS. The garden was packed with end of summer flowers, herbs and fall vegetables. It was a moment to reflect on the joy of gardening and how it nourishes body and soul and connects us to nature. Our mini-documentary will begin airing on national and regional PBS stations in May 2024, but we are thrilled to share a sneak peek with you.”

You will see Renee Shepard, founder of Renee’s Garden, share “The mission and PURPOSE of Renee’s Garden is to share the JOY, satisfaction and meaningfulness of gardening.” And on their About Us page of their website, they state: "First and foremost, Renee’s Garden is a company run by gardeners, for gardeners. It is our way to spread the JOY of gardening as a meaningful, productive and satisfying activity that connects us to each other and the earth.”

Take a few minutes to watch this wonderful message about Renee’s Garden (below)… certainly another example of a company...Founded with a PURPOSE!

I know you are about to hit your busiest weeks soon, but as you serve all those customers, observe their reactions, hear their comments, and watch their faces as they experience your Center and all the plants and garden products you provide. I believe the magic in crafting the best Founded with a Purpose statement for your Center will be found in their reactions, comments, and on their faces.

And if you don't have your center's Founded with a Purpose statement, you can be well on your way soon.

As for The Garden Center Group, we were Founded with a Purpose of...

Helping Garden Center Develop the Business Side of their Business and
Becoming North America's Resource for Garden Retailing.

This is what we strive for every day and are honored to be in this experience with you!


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