Invasive Plants?

Invasive Plants?

by Danny Summers

Being "in the industry" we know what this title refers to... In our world, a plant being termed an "Invasive Plant" says it is aggressive, multiplies at will and overtakes space from other plants, and disrupts the careful balance of the native landscape.

But the idea of this message is a positive one and an observation of seeing numerous images of plants making big impressions for products and people outside our industry.

In the most recent March 2024 edition of Green Profit Magazine, Art Parkerson of PlantPop authors a page titled "Plants in Popular Culture." Art spotlights a number of areas illustrating growing plant connections. One, in particular, is from Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour when she "gets soulful" with the use of plants and a piano covered with moss.

Another "plant connection" Art noted is from a music artist named Rocco Elliot who created three songs with plant-related themes, Propagatin, Nursery Rhymes, and Just Me & My Plants.

I don't know if Elliot has any real connection with our industry, but watching any of these reminds me of the first music video that Lucas Picciolo and his team at Mossify created about three years ago, titled Chica Verde. Elliot's Nursery Rhymes is below and Mossify's Chica Verde is next.

Be sure to click on each and compare for yourself. Keep in mind, I believe Mossify's was created well before Elliot's. Mossify is clearly setting the trend in more than just selling moss poles and related items at Garden Centers.

I have mentioned in this blog before how often we see major ads featuring Plants, Flowers, Gardening, and even Garden Centers or Nurseries while promoting the latest medication, or unrelated service. It's the equivalent of seeing ads for SUV's and off-road settings.

It is obvious that major ad agencies recognize creating a message with "nature" as the background helps establish a solid foundation for whatever they are promoting. I urge you to be watchful of these ads. See how they pull you in and create a more satisfying story for whatever they are selling.

Art Parkerson's "Plants in Popular Culture" helps emphasize this blog message... Invasive Plants! Plants are invading all forms of marketing messages!
If you were with us at The Fall Event 2022 in Kansas City, you had the opportunity to meet Art and hear of the PlantPop vision. On their "About" page, PlantPOP says:

Exploring the relationship between people and plants
PlantPop is a horticultural film studio that tells interesting stories about plants and how they improve people’s lives.  

We are artists. We are pursuing beauty and understanding. We believe that philosophy was born in the garden, that culture starts with cultivation and that growing is the highest art. We want to present plants and gardening as the most worthwhile human endeavor.  

PlantPop can show the world that people and plants connect every day.

I encourage you to visit the PlantPop website to explore some of the high-quality video stories they are creating. Also, PlantPop will be with us at The Fall Event 2024 in Dallas to showcase their video production and new time-lapse videos you can feature at your Garden Center! Click on their logo above to visit their website.

Plants have been in our lives since the beginning. The more we realize this and the closer we are to them, the better we feel and the better our days are in general.

The idea of Invasive Plants (plants invading our lives) is a positive thing and one of the very things that can happen to any of us.

Just think... you have the unique opportunity to share this with your audience!

OK, you may not want to call them , but I'm sure you'll come up with some great ways to describe them! I got your attention... right?

Be sure to follow the blog link below to watch the videos mentioned above.

A special Thank You to Art Parkerson and PlantPop for their support of The Garden Center Group and The Fall Event 2024!


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