Drumroll Please!

Drumroll Please!

by Danny Summers

THIS THURSDAY... our next GROUPtalk LIVE session, will feature Tim Quebedeaux presenting the results of The Group's Annual P&L Study for 2023!

It's a BIG DEAL!

It's a BIG DEAL in several ways. First, the number of Group Centers participating this year in the 2023 Study is a new record of 86 Centers!

Second, it's a BIG DEAL as this will be the 20th Annual P&L Study! While The Group's Weekly Department Review (WDR) had its beginnings back in the late 1990s, the first P&L Study was crafted in 2004 and The Group has been compiling and analyzing the data from this industry-exclusive study ever since.

It is difficult to estimate what impact the Annual P&L Study has had on the Group Centers over the years as well as the industry in general. While each Garden Center can always benchmark against its own store's previous years, until you compare against dozens or even 80+, you really don't know where you stand or even what is possible for net profit and operational efficiencies.

We have engraved several iconic graphics in our memories as Steve Bailey and Tim Quebedeaux annually presented each year's study results. For me, these two are the most prominent. First, the Bubble Chart. It shows each participating Center's net profit in dollars shown by the size of the bubble in a linear position with their annual sales volume (left to right). The bubble's position vertically shows the profit percentage and the larger the bubble, the actual $$$ the Center got to keep. This is the 2022 chart.

Next is the Total Group Revenue Increase chart. This shows sales for a hypothetical Garden Center, starting at $2 million in sales in 2004, based on the Total Group Revenue Increase. The chart below shows the 2022 version, plus a space for the new 2023 column... how high will it be? Will it match 2022?

Drumroll Please ... we are very anxious to see Tim's presentation.

How does the 2023 Study compare to previous years?
What new benchmarks will be set?
What can we learn from this new study?
How well did our "Best of the Best" Centers perform?

All this will be shared this Thursday! The invitation for the GROUPtalk LIVE Series Session will be sent to the GroupEs eList. If you are subscribed and not seeing these invitations or reminders, please let me know. Sometimes our email spam filters get tweaked to begin pushing "wanted" emails elsewhere.

See you Thursday... Drumroll Please!


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