Time for the Special Moments

Time for the Special Moments

by Danny Summers

As our families gathered together this past week for the holidays, it is easy to see how quickly the time together goes by. The wonderful smiles, hugs, laughter, food, and gift-sharing we cherish, all seem to go by so quickly and we are left with memories of these Special Moments (and maybe a few extra pounds encouraging us to new resolutions).

Last Thursday, I received the weekly enews from Kerby's Nursery. Joey Bokor's message was "Garden Moments." He begins the message by saying much of our lives we focus on the big events..."Events that transform our lives or that bring us attention and praise." But then Joey turns the focus on the little events or moments that can mean so much. He then leads us into little moments in the garden.

He says the garden story not only has the big events, such as the first crop of fruit from the tree planted by the family, but also the little moments such as the family planting the tree, and watering it the first few months to help it get established and then pruning it every year to form it into the perfect tree for the space. These little moments can be special times for everyone.

Special Moments in the garden (or with our plants) can bring JOY that can nourish what we need most. Special Moments of physical activity, or calmness, time to relax and just be still. These are snippets of time away from the hustle of our daily routine.

Sharing the Joy with Your Audience
Sharing the opportunity of creating Special Moments in the garden and with our plants can be an important one for your audience. I am reminded of one of Meadows Farm's main messages... "Plant a Little Happiness." This also reminds me of Tom Kegley's "Let Your Brand Rock" presentation where he created an extensive promotional campaign around "Joy".

Let's remember, Special Moments in the garden can begin anywhere, be it on the windowsill starting seedlings, growing sprouts and microgreens indoors, and, of course, with our tropical plants inside, It can even start by taking time to simply plan the spring garden on paper and exploring all the wonderful options available (at your Center) for seeds and seedlings coming in early spring.

Spring Fever and Special Moments
Now is the perfect time to craft the right series of messages for your audience that address both Spring Fever and the desire and need to have the Special Moments in the garden. And all of this messaging should lead them to your Garden Center!

If you would like to see Kerby's Nursery's full message from last week's enews CLICK HERE. (A special thank you to Joey and Kim Bokor for sharing.)

If you want to revisit Tom Kegley's "Let Your Brand Rock" presentation, login to The Group WebSystem, go to the Clients-Only menu and select Power Tools and then scroll down to Tom Kegley's section. There you will see "Let Your Brand Rock" including his video presentation.

Tom Kegley's "Who Are You? Laying the Foundation of Your Brand" presentation which he presented at The Fall Event 2023 is also available in The Group WebSystem. You can find it after you login and simply scroll down and you will see the introduction and link.

Let's make Time for the Special Moments in 2024!


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