Hallmark and the Plant Trend

Hallmark and the Plant Trend

by Danny Summers

If you were with us at The Fall Event 2022 in Kansas City, you will remember Darren Abbott, Hallmark's Senior Vice President Global Product Development and Consumer Experience, sharing much of the DNA that is at the heart of their emotional marketing which leads to product development and the ultimate customer connections. During his presentation, he acknowledged the trends toward gardening – particularly tropicals and he told us his team was developing a series of cards in their Signature Paper Wonder Pop-Up series featuring a few tropical plants.

At the time, he didn't have examples to share and could only say they were in the pipeline. This past week Karen and I were in one of our local Hallmark Gold Crown Stores to grab Christmas Cards (because we care enough to send the very best...) and as I wandered the different aisles of cards I came upon the Paper Wonder 3-D card section. And there I found four of the new tropical-themed cards and, of course, I just had to buy them!

Hallmark has many themes in their Signature Paper Wonder Pop-Up Series. All feature the signature Hallmark gold foil-lined envelope, and a front of card message. This one says "Thinking of You" and has a large area inside to write a personalized note. The other three plant-themed cards above say "For You", "Just a Little Hello", and "You're On My Mind." The magic begins when the recipient opens the card and up pops a plant!

Competition? You might ask, is this competing with Garden Centers as a substitute for buying the recipient a real plant? I believe the answer is NO. I see this as a way of actually encouraging real plant sales!

If this type of card is going to someone who already loves real plants, this only recognizes their passion! What better card to give to someone who loves plants than this?

I believe Darren's message about these plant additions to their pop-up card series is recognizing how important plants are to a growing audience (pun intended here).

By the way, you may be wondering what these pop-up cards retail for... $6.99, $7.99 and $12.99. This one above resembling a Monstera is the $12.99... no surprise! If you want to see the card in action CLICK HERE.

So now you know why I titled this blog message... Hallmark and The Plant Trend!

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