Just Like Clockwork!

Just Like Clockwork!

by Danny Summers

Clocks are something I have always had a fascination with, especially the old ones. I'm talking about mechanical clocks, not electronic ones. One of my fondest memories is sitting on my Grandpa Chet Summers' lap listening to his Hamilton Pocket Watch. Something so small but so accurate and dependable, to me, is the perfect example of amazing craftsmanship. This Hamilton Pocket Watch, model 992B was required for all Burlington Northern Railroad employees in the early 50s (I can share more sometime on this piece of family history that I still treasure today). A cousin of mine recently gave me a Seth Thomas Kitchen Clock that was our Great Grandparent's – my Mom's Grandfather. Once we returned home with it, I found the manufacture date on the back of November 1890. And it still runs great and keeps accurate time today –133 years later.

The message Just Like Clockwork, in my mind, refers to something or some process that works so well, it is as dependable as the family pocket watch or even kitchen clock that runs today, just as well as they did when they were first made. It's something you can count on... Just Like Clockwork!

We are preparing for The Fall Event 2023 and part of the program will include recognizing our Award Winners for both our 2022 P&L Study and our Weekly Department Review (WDR) 100% Club. Tim Quebedeaux compiles all the reports for the WDR Reporting from July 2022 to June 2023 and all Centers that reported every week receive our 100% Club Award. We will be sharing the complete list of this year's winners during The Fall Event 2023. But when Tim sent the list to me, he also sent me an amazing sublist I want to share with you today.

You may remember a few weeks back here in GROUPtalk when we shared some highlights of the Mid-Year WDR Report and how Tim reported a whopping 2,699 weekly reports being received in the first half of this year. That's an amazing number!

Today, we want to recognize the Centers that have reported 100% for not only the past year but the last 3 years in a row. Now that's... Just Like Clockwork!

Congratulations 100% Reporting Centers – 3 Years in a Row!!!

  • American Tree
  • Atlantic Nursery
  • B.B. Barns
  • Bath Garden Center
  • H.J. Benken Florist & Garden Center
  • Berns Garden Center - Beavercreek
  • Berns Garden Center - Middletown
  • Bloom Greenhouse & Garden Centre
  • Civano Nursery
  • Dambly's Garden Center
  • Del's Garden Center
  • Dickman Farms Greenhouse & Garden Center
  • Ellis Home & Garden - Longview
  • Estabrook's Farm & Greenhouses - Kennebunk
  • Estabrook's Farm & Greenhouses - Yarmouth
  • The Gardener's Center and Florist
  • Gateway Garden Center
  • Green Haven Garden Center
  • Hunters Garden Centre Inc - Vancouver
  • Hunters Garden Centre Inc - Surrey
  • Kennedy's Country Gardens
  • Lindley's Nursery and Garden Center
  • Mostardi Nursery
  • Natorp Nursery Outlet
  • New Garden Gazebo
  • Shonnard's
  • Sunny Meadows Garden Center
  • Sweetwater Garden Enterprises
  • Terra Gardens Nursery & Bark
  • Town & Country Gardens
  • Van Wilgen's Garden Center
  • Van Wilgen’s Garden Mart - Clinton
  • Van Wilgens Garden Mart - Guilford
  • Van Wilgens Garden Mart - Milford
  • Van Wilgens Garden Mart - Old Saybrook
  • White Oak Gardens
  • Wilson's Garden Center

What does it take to have this level of consistency?

Commitment from the Top
Obviously, it takes a commitment on the part of not only the Owner and Managers and a realization of how important participating in the WDR is for not only their Center but also how it benefits all the peer Centers who are also reporting and sharing. For most of this year, we have had 120 Centers participating. And those 120 Centers have been so committed to participating we have averaged 96.5% reporting this year. That is "Just Like Clockwork."

Responsibility of the Reporting Staff
Each Center must have a designated staff member responsible for reporting each week. In addition, for consistency, they must have a backup person who is equally trained to fill in during weeks the primary reporter cannot do so.

Weekly Staff Reviews WDR Results
Another common practice I hear from many of these "Just Like Clockwork" Centers is what they do when they receive the finished report... They include some of the highlights in their next weekly team meeting. They review their Center's numbers compared to other Centers in their Region as well as others with which they do internal comparisons. The new WDR Online provides many ways to filter and compare. When the WDR results are part of the Center's weekly procedures, it makes the WDR Reporting even more important for everyone.

100% Club Grows this Year!
This year we will award 69 Centers with 100% Club Awards. That's up from 59 last year. Watch for our announcement and the full list of 100% Club Award Winners for this year coming soon. These Centers are running... Just Like Clockwork.

Ready to work on your reporting consistency? Connect with Tim Quebedeaux or me and we can help get your Center reporting... Just Like Clockwork too!

Mark Your Calendar for September 25-28... you'll be in Cincy!


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