How Will You Measure Up?

How Will You Measure Up?

by Danny Summers

The clock is ticking and every day you inch closer to the Spring Season. So much effort has already been invested in preparations, but it is natural to still be thinking...
Have we done enough?

What have we missed?

What more can we do?

We have three major programs going on within The Group that can help you answer the question... How Will You Measure Up?

First is the 2022 Annual P&L Study which will be available later this month. Knowing how your Center measured up for the 2022 year is an important place to start. Deadline for the P&L Study reporting is next week so don't miss this opportunity.

Is your Center reporting this year? Contact Tim Quebedeaux for details.
Next is the new WDR Online program and the ability to see your Center's weekly (and year-to-date) performance measured against 120+ peer Centers. This is truly a finger-on-the-pulse experience and is greatly expanded with more tracking of 28 product categories plus transaction data along with Labor, Inventory, and even Weather.
Is your Center reporting yet? If not, contact Tim Quebedeaux today.
And finally and what I feel is the most fundamental element of How will You Measure Up is... How will You Measure Up in the eyes of your Guests?

One of the very best ways to know the answer to that question is with The Group's Mystery Shopper Program. Obviously, you measure up through a number of ways in serving your Guests, and having an ongoing Mystery Shopper Program helps your team focus on what really matters the most... Your Guests and the experience each Guest has when they walk through your gates or doors. It's easy to get started and it's a low-cost investment that can help everyone at your Center focus on your Guests in a team effort. Details can be found in The Group WebSystem, under the Clients-Only menu, then scroll down to the Mystery Shopper Program page. Need help or ideas? Give me a call. I can help you get started!

There are a number of days ahead to help answer the question... How will You Measure Up? Every day you open your doors and greet your Guests will help determine the answer. And every Team Member has a part to plan in the performance. They help write the answer just like the plants and products you will sell along with the services you provide.

Focusing on serving each Guest will help ensure the best results and answer!

Aim High!


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Thanks for sharing!

Danny Summers
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