Hitting Your Target... in 2023!

Hitting Your Target... in 2023!

by Danny Summers

As we welcome the New Year of 2023, it's the perfect time to spend as much time as possible thinking about your plans and goals for the season ahead for Hitting Your Target! I know you have done a considerable amount of planning already. Your overall budget may be in place. You have placed (or about to place) many of your spring orders for plants and products that will begin arriving in the coming weeks.

You may still be working on your weekly promotional plans. Many Group Centers plan for specific plants or products to promote as well as what systems you will use to share details with your audience.

If you haven't already downloaded The Group 2023 Ad Planner Calendar, be sure to do so. It is in Excel format and available in the Clients-Only Menu of our WebSystem under POWERtools. There are both the USA and Canadian versions. Having basic plans for the entire year, week-by-week, all on one page can be a great tool.

There are certainly a lot of moving parts to your planning and when working on your budget, one area Tim Quebedeaux will be including in the upcoming Financial Basics Workshop Series is creating a Dynamic Budget. Instead of a standard or typical way of budgeting, a Dynamic Budget includes the monthly input of actuals YTD and the practice of then projecting toward your year-end to see what action needs to be taken to still meet or exceed your target for the year. What Steve Bailey originally crafted, Tim is now continuing to improve upon in these methods for our Centers in budgeting and this will be extremely important for the 2023 year.

A big part of planning for 2023 is your Team Guidance and Development. The expert guidance offered in The Group's Resources under Human Resources - Seawright & Associates is the best place to begin. How are your HR Forms... all up-to-date for your state? How's your Employee Manual? Be sure to visit The Group WebSystem in the Clients-Only Menu and scroll down to POWERtools to access all the Seawright resources!

Another area to consider is the new Your Group Space program that develops an intranet just for you and your Team. All Group Centers received a special flyer in the Spring Retainer Renewal Package a few weeks ago. This unique program is receiving rave reviews from Group Centers already working with this new tool created by John and Souny Kennedy. Follow the QR code here for more details.

How you communicate, train, and encourage your team can make it much easier to Hit Your Target in 2023!

And while we talking about encouraging your Team, be sure to consider any young rising Retail Stars, under the age of 35, you have on your Team and nominate them for the Green Profit/The Garden Center Group Young Retailer Award for 2023 (deadline is March 1st).

After three finalists are chosen, each is asked to write guest editorials for the June issue of Green Profit, gets a free trip to Cultivate’23 and, while they’re in Columbus, attend a special dinner with industry luminaries. The winner is announced at the Unplugged event during Cultivate’23, will be the subject of the September issue cover story and serve as one of the judges for next year’s award. DEADLINE for nominations is March 1, 2023!

MORE DETAILS and to nominate a Rising Star – CLICK HERE!

A special THANK YOU to our Partners for Success (listed below) for their support of this Group Sponsorship!

As I focus on Hitting Your Target in 2023, additional ways to do it is to read (and re-read) Sid Raisch's 6-part series he just finished last week... "A Better _____ = Better Marketing." Each part is on The Group's WebSystem - Blog. The six areas he covers in the series are:

  • Part 1: A Better Facility = Better Marketing
  • Part 2: A Better Merchandise Selection = Better Marketing
  • Part 3: A Better Traffic Flow = Better Marketing
  • Part 4: A Better Pricing Effort = Better Marketing
  • Part 5: A Better Recession Effort = Better Marketing
  • Part 6: A Better Brand Execution = Better Marketing

In this series, Sid shares just a portion of his expertise and knowledge on being the very best Merchant! If you missed any of these, you can see them all HERE.

And to add more fuel to this Hitting Your Target theme, I hope you will join us this Thursday for our first GROUPtalk LIVE session when Tim Quebedeaux and I will be showing many of The Group WebSystem features and tools, including showing examples of the new WDR Online program. Details are below.

With so many Group resources and all the hundreds of participating Centers, Teams and Service Providers in The Garden Center Group at your disposal, I hope we can help with Hitting Your Target in 2023!


Sharing is at the heart of The Group and your ideas are very important. If you have any trouble logging into The Group WebSystem, please let me know. Are you and your staff all subscribed to our eLists such as GroupEs, Retail-Grower, Retail-Landscape, Owners-Only, and a number of others? Need help subscribing? Let me know so I can show you how you can sign up.

Thanks for sharing!

Danny Summers
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Tel: 678-909-7770
Cell: 678-761-7145

REMEMBER: Your interaction (by phone and email) with Group Service Providers such as Tim Quebedeaux, Sid Raisch, John Kennedy, Jean Seawright, and of course Danny Summers are included in your retainer!

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