Continual Learning

Continual Learning

by Danny Summers

Don't you just love this photo? I do. Our wish for everyone should be to have a real passion for learning throughout life. In many ways, I believe it may be one of the very best ways to stay young. Many of us were fortunate enough to know Ernest Wertheim and even in his 90's he was asking many questions and had a passion for learning and encouraged everyone around him to do the same. He is an example of why we should have a passion for learning!

The idea of this message came to me as I was thinking back on where we have been the past two and a half years. We have certainly learned a lot in that period of time.

We have seen many traumatic situations and seen people of all ages being drawn to the garden, to the activity of gardening, and to plants and flowers in general. It's a kind of garden therapy in many ways. I think many people really didn't know why they were drawn to the garden during the pandemic. They just felt the need. I believe there is a strong need to connect with nature. IIt all began in a garden and that's why we seek the garden during stressful times in our lives. We really need the garden every day. All you have to do is read the first two chapters of the book of Genesis.

In the seasons leading up to the spring of 2020, we had already seen young people being drawn to tropicals and succulents. In August of 2020, Ken Gronbach, author of the Upside book, shared his studies with us and told us of the coming shift in populations around the world and especially North America. He told us how the large group of young adults would be coming into home-ownership and that home-building would expand for the next 12-15 years. It has begun.

Since then we have seen young people reassessing their priorities, deciding that big corporate careers might not be where they want to spend their days. The term The Great Resignation was coined and since then we are seeing a big shift in their priorities and interests. They are moving. And we see increased interest in gardening and Garden Centers. They want to visit Garden Centers, work in Garden Centers, and even own Garden Centers.

Last fall at The Fall Event 2021, we heard from Florence Williams, author of The Nature Fix book. Florence presented her scientific research on why we need nature in our lives. There is so much to learn and absorb from Florence's message. It is at the heart of why Garden Centers are so important. Don't let anyone tell you Garden Centers are not essential!

The next step in our Continual Learning journey will be at The Fall Event 2022 when Darren Abbott will share Hallmark concepts and his ideas of why all of this increased interest in gardening is based on emotions. I can hardly wait to hear his message!

Why is the garden, the activity of gardening, plants and flowers an emotional experience?

Be sure to see the details below about Monet's Water Lilies at the Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City. You can see in the description why Monet's garden was an emotional experience for him. Can you see why this is part of our Continuing Learning process? I am glad to be in this with all of you!

See you soon!

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