Beyond the Boundaries Thinking

Beyond the Boundaries Thinking

by Danny Summers

Have you seen all of The Fall Event Session Titles and Descriptions?
If not be sure to click on the program image below - only after you read this complete GROUPtalk!

If you have seen them you will quickly recognize my ideas here. If you have not, let me set the stage for what you will experience and the opportunities ahead.

On Tuesday morning, John Kennedy will present 'Beyond the Boundaries of Magical Thinking.' John picks up where he left off last year at The Fall Event with a follow-up session on innovation and magical thinking. If the past few years have taught us anything, it is the ability to not “think outside of the box,” but to actually make the box so much bigger…without boundaries! Remove our biases, remove our barriers, remove our boundaries! John will set the stage for Tuesday.

Then on Thursday morning, Robert Hayter will present 'Beyond the Boundaries of Entrepreneurial Thinking.' Robert says, "Experience is a great teacher, except when it isn’t. We rely on the present, what we currently know, through what I call The Learning Cycle. Our perspectives of the past and future are formed by present thinking. And owning and or managing a small business are wicked learning environments."

Robert's session will be a thought-provoking presentation on thinking, acting, leading, and changing your Entrepreneurial perspective. Leaving the safety of your current position you will discover some myths, new realities, and pathways to breakthrough thinking leading you Beyond the Boundaries.

To get you started with this Entrepreneurial Thinking, here's the first of a series of what Robert calls "Food for Thoughts for Entrepreneurial Thinking:"

One type of Entrepreneurial Thinking leads to behaviors that perpetuate reactive understandings:

  • “I am great at figuring stuff out”.
  • “I can change directions at the drop of a hat”.
  • “I can juggle a lot of balls at once”.
  • “If there’s a shot at the buzzer, I want to be the one to take it”.
  • “I am driven, passionate, and driven, driven…”
  • “I have more visionary ideas than others”.

There is no better time to do some Beyond the Boundaries Thinking than during The Fall Event. You are away from your Center. Everyone around you is there for the same purpose... How can we make our Center better, more efficient and performing better? How can we work smarter, not harder? How can we develop new ideas to create more success in future years?

What better time and place to think big thoughts than to be in Kansas City for 4+ days with fellow Centers, Service Providers, and Sponsors... Beyond the Boundaries Thinking awaits!

And now let's talk about your plans for The Fall Event 2022.

Have you made your hotel reservations? Be sure to arrive on or before Sunday to allow time for seeing some of Kansas City's amazing sites. You can see details on our Best of Kansas City page HERE.

We hope to see you in Kansas City, September 19-22, 2022 where we'll be exploring Beyond the Boundaries of Garden Retailing. The Fall Event is all about sharing, learning, and growing. No matter how long you’ve been in retail or what position you hold in your company, there’s still something to learn. It's a Can't-Miss event!

For complete program details (including a new interactive Flipbook), registration, and hotel information CLICK HERE. All links are at the bottom of each Fall Event website page. And watch for more program details of The Fall Event 2002 each week.

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