At Your Service!

At Your Service!

by Danny Summers

The Spring Season is now in full swing across the country. I saw this first hand this past week as I visited many of the Garden Centers in the Kansas City area while making preparations for The Fall Event 2022. It is an exciting time!

To behold a Garden Center in its greatest glory, all decked out and busting at the seams in all of nature's beauty, and to see the excitement in every Guest's eyes and the expressions on their faces when they catch a glimpse of it... it's like a kid on Christmas morning.

I also saw the excitement and enthusiasm on the Garden Centers' Teams' faces as they were creating each display and welcoming each new Guest. It's a time to say...

At Your Service!

Each of our Centers has a unique opportunity... to serve the community. While very large retailers may have bigger signs, larger displays, and maybe even lower prices... there's one thing they cannot compete with – At Your Service!

To welcome each Guest into the Center and help them find the very special plants and products to bring Joy into their life (and into their home and garden) is a unique opportunity. Taking the time to do so can provide the opportunity to make the connection. An Emotional Connection.

There is evidence that shows the Guest that has an emotional connection with your Center and the products and services you offer, will not only buy more (higher average sale) but do so much more often (higher transaction counts).

Creating the Emotional Connection is not an easy task. It is one that you need to spend much time on to design, train, and perfect. If you have not been already working to craft your Center's Emotional Connection, it is certainly something you don't have time for in the midst of this Spring Season.

But there is one thing you and your Team can do to begin...

  • Acknowledge every Guest.
  • Strive to give each Guest more attention.
  • Ask questions about what they're looking for.

Admittedly, this is most difficult during these extremely busy weeks, but at least Strive for it. Talk about it every morning and make sure every Team Member knows how important it can be to have the goal... At Your Service!

Being a Servant to Your Community is the very best goal!

Mark Your Calendar - September 19-22, 2022 - You'll be busy and out of town!

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