Your Best Ideas (or your biggest questions)

Your BEST Ideas (or your biggest questions)

by Danny Summers

You have them... all of us do. It's the idea that comes to you late at night or in the early hours of the morning and you just have to write a few notes before it's gone. It can also come at unusual times during our daily activities. It might be while you are shopping at a frequently visited store, or in line at the drive-through restaurant, or just driving down the road – or mowing the lawn. My Dad often said some of the best thinking happens while on a tractor. Some of the most ordinary things can trigger the very BEST ideas. They can also present some of your biggest questions.

I believe some of the very BEST ideas come at unexpected times. Not where you are hard at work trying to come up with it but rather an AH-HA moment that just happens.

The same can be true for what becomes one of your biggest questions. And the search for answers for those questions can in turn bring on the BEST ideas. Often the use of a simple light bulb, like the ones at the top of this message, is a symbol for new ideas. One of the most famous American inventors, Thomas Edison, who when he died in 1931 at the age of 81, had acquired over 1,000 patents for his ideas. Here's just a few quotes on ideas from Edison:

  • "You can’t realize your dreams unless you have one to begin with."
  • "If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."
  • "We shall have no better conditions in the future if we are satisfied with all those which we have at present."
  • "Vision without execution is hallucination."

To help idea sharing get started I want to pass along a couple that I have seen recently:

Rockledge Gardens "Boozy Botanical Book Club"
Here at Rockledge Gardens, we have a team of horticulturists that love to learn. Books are a big part of where many of us have soared in our plant-based careers and where we continue to build our knowledge base to properly advise and guide our guests here at the gardens. This book club serves as a platform for a few of our book-loving staff members on the team to connect with other like-minded readers. Whether you read to learn or for enjoyment, the Boozy Botanicals Book Club is a great place to come and find joy in critically acclaimed novels with a botanical understory.

Organized and led by some of our bookworms at Rockledge Gardens like Amanda Rose, Victoria, Tricia, Rose, and more!

Your Greenhouse Lighting at Night - A Promotional Advantage?
During recent Weekly Department Review (WDR Sales Group Meetings that tim Quebedeaux hosted for Group Centers, one idea surfaced at two Centers who have recently added LED lighting for the inside front of their greenhouses to be an attention-grabbing affect for frontage road traffic at night. Todd Brockshus at Del's Garden Center (Spencer, IA) and John Corso at Corso's Flower & Garden Center (Sandusky, OH) both shared photos and ideas behind adding the lighting. They explained how the lighting can change colors depending on the season and it makes the Centers more impressive. Both said they have had numerous comments from customers and they felt it was attracting new ones to their door. Overall cost have come down in recent months and cost of operating the LEDs is very low compared to other traditional lighting. The photo below is of the Corso's location.

Bring Your BEST Ideas (or your biggest questions)

Three weeks from today many of us will be gathering at The Fall Event 2021. The synergies and combined capabilities of everyone present to share our BEST ideas and our biggest questions can together help fuel your success for years to come. Sharing is the DNA of The Group. We will have plenty of time and sessions to share all the BEST ideas and the biggest questions.

Have you started your list yet? Don't wait!

Sharing is at the heart of The Group and your ideas are very important. Are you and your staff all subscribed to our eLists such as GroupEs, Retail-Grower, Retail-Landscape, Owners-Only, and a number of others? Need help subscribing? Let me know as I can show you how you can sign up.

Thanks for sharing!

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