Remembering Something Special

Remembering Something Special

by Danny Summers

For any Boomer reading this, it will certainly take you back to your childhood days. For anyone younger, I hope I can share what is was like for us and what I see that may be creating that same feeling all over again for many.

When I was a kid (I'm beginning to sound like my parents or grandparents here), the experience of going to the grocery store with Mom or Dad varied greatly, depending on the time of year. Fresh fruit and vegetables was an "in-season" thing. It was the best of times when the wonderful fresh produce began to arrive. The taste of those fresh, vine ripe tomatoes, the season's first corn-on-the-cob, and all the other great tastes during late spring and early summer was an exciting time for every home. And for me, growing up in the south, the most excitement was when I saw the first blackberries, peaches, and oh yes... the watermelons!

You see, we did not have fresh fruits and vegetables all year-round. If it wasn't fresh (locally grown) it was canned, dried or frozen (and frozen was a new thing in the later years). My point here is when something is only available on a limited basis, a specific time of a season or year, it seems so much more special.

I'll give you another example. Each summer, my family would travel back to north central Missouri to see my grandparents. Aside from seeing them, playing baseball with my friends there and experiencing some over-the-top times at my aunt and uncle's farm, a cherished side benefit was buying a stash of IBC Rootbeer. At the time, IBC was something only available in that area and not available back home in south Georgia. I cherished and rationed those bottles to make them last as long as possible. But it wasn't near long enough. The craving for IBC began again within weeks but I had to wait another 10 or 11 months.

Today, we have several dynamics in progress. One is times like this encourages people to find their happy place in plants and the garden and it certainly seems like that is happening in a big way, even with first-timers. The other is how in many states or communities, access to Garden Centers is being limited. Just in time when spring fever is hitting the strongest.

When you can't have something, it makes you want it even more!

I am convinced this whole experience is creating "Garden Fever" in more people and with many having limited access to their favorite Garden Center it will make them want that experience much more – or fuel their desire to garden. Many of our centers are reporting much higher average sales and also reporting many new faces walking into the center.

It's nice to be wanted!

You are helping customers (new and old) find their happy place with plants and their garden!

Be safe and happy spring!

What's your view of how this experience will impact our customers? Are you seeing new faces in your center this spring? How are your previous customers this spring? Send me a note...
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