The Cost of Creativity

The Cost of Creativity

With Comments from Robert and Danny

[Robert] "Danny called me last Monday and asked about my Super Bowl commercial review. Old news now, so a quick response. For once, the game was way better than any commercial. Other than the extended spot the NFL ran at the beginning, then maybe the Bill Murray Groundhog Day one since it was groundhog day, there was nothing super about any commercial this year."

[Danny] In case you missed the one ad Robert mentions above, simply click on the image here to see it. Robert's top-pick of JEEP's replay of Bill Murray in Groundhog Day is actually the winner of USA Today's Ad Meter - See details here.

The "Extended Spot" Robert referred to was the NFL's 3-minute intro that featured dozens of NFL Stars, both past and present, and ends with a live transition of kids bringing the game ball onto the field. See it by clicking on the image here. It is very cool but at a reported $6 million per each 30 seconds ad spot, this intro would be a list-price of $36 million!!!

As for me, the story WeatherTech was able to tell in 30 seconds about the Golden Retriever named Scout was one that pulled on your heart. You can see Scout HERE or on the complete ad list page below.

If you want to see all 53 ads during this year's big game, check out AdAge HERE.


At the end of the day we have to ask ourselves... what is the cost of creativity. It certainly does not have to be the millions these ads cost to produce, not including airing in front of the Super Bowl audience. Creativity could be as simple as beginning with the iPhone in your pocket. Check out this video... shot entirely on one:


You may also remember the wonderful holiday video a small hardware store in England created last December. Hafod Hardware, a locally owned store in the Welsh town of Rhayader, dropped a heartwarming Christmas ad that grabbed the attention of over 2.6 million people (as of February 10, 2020).

Created by Hafod owner Thomas Lewis Jones, the ad stars Jones’ 2-year-old son Arthur and (hard) cost less than £100 ($132) to make. The two-minute-long spot opens with a Marvel pajamas-clad Arthur bouncing out of bed and getting ready for a day running the family business.

After arriving at work, Arthur cheerfully goes about his duties, including sweeping, polishing the counter and stocking shelves. The ad ends with Arthur locking up the shop for the night and preparing to head home with a Christmas tree before the message, “Be a kid this Christmas,” appears on screen." (You can see reporting HERE)

YouTube reported this video has been viewed over 1,700,000 times since it was uploaded on December 1st!

OK, so go ahead and watch this priceless jewel of creativity here at the Hafod Hardware's own homepage and realize there is NO SCRIPT to this great message, only video and music.

So, the real cost of creativity is the creative juices it takes to envision what your video or photos could look like and then just begin. Keep in mind in attracting the attention of plant lovers (or potential plant lovers) all we have to be is real!
So get those creative juices flowing and get to it!

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Ken Lain - Sunday, February 09, 2020

Great stuff! With close to 100 million views is from Dr. Squatch - Natural Soap for Men.

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