The Value of Creativity

The Value of Creativity

by Danny Summers


It is amazing to see what creativity can do. Whether it is displays in-store, signage, or your marketing message, real creativity is priceless. We have seen and heard how big corporations spend millions producing major ads for product launches or even special events like The Super Bowl which we will see in a few weeks. Most fail to make a big splash or impact. Only a few rise to the top and even onward to the award-winning archives such as ones we remember from long ago. This include Budweiser's Puppy Love from 2014, Apple's original Mac launch in 1984, or Coke's Mean Joe Green and Kid ad in 1980 (Revisit these in our February 11, 2019 GROUPtalk HERE). Or you may even remember Coke's "We'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" in 1971. These are etched into the hearts and minds of millions and are at top of marketing history.

This level of creativity sparks our emotions and makes us better. It is not always about the product of the company. In fact it seldom is. One thing you will notice in these classics is the product or company or brand takes the back seat to the message. It is a subtle, soft-sell, of the brand itself. This is at the core of what Robert Hendrickson has been coaching The Group for the past years. It is not about price. It is not really about product or the company itself. But it is about an emotional connection.

The value of this creativity can be priceless but... it doesn't have to cost millions.

We have a great example this week. The story comes from a small family-owned hardware store in Mid-Wales England, called Hafod Hardware and what you will see is a priceless message about being a kid at Christmas (#BeAKidThisChristmas). Before you watch the ad I want to give you some details first... It was developed in-house by the owners and stars one of the owner's son.

It has reached big-time attention (sorry the pun) as even reports, "We may be less than a week into December, but it seems there’s already a front-runner for best commercial of the holiday season. Hafod Hardware, a locally owned store in the Welsh town of Rhayader, dropped a heartwarming Christmas advert on Sunday that has quickly taken off on the internet.

Created by Hafod owner Thomas Lewis Jones, the ad stars Jones’ 2-year-old son Arthur and (hard) cost less than £100 ($132) to make. The two-minute-long spot opens with a Marvel pajamas-clad Arthur bouncing out of bed and getting ready for a day running the family business.

After arriving at work, Arthur cheerfully goes about his duties, including sweeping, polishing the counter and stocking shelves, as a cover of “Forever Young” sung by Andrea von Kampen plays in the background. The ad ends with Arthur locking up the shop for the night and preparing to head home with a Christmas tree before the message, “Be a kid this Christmas,” appears on screen." (You can see reporting HERE)

YouTube is reporting this video has been viewed over 1,700,000 times since it was uploaded on December 1st!

OK, so go ahead and watch this priceless jewel of creativity here at the Hafod Hardware's own homepage and then return to this for a few final thoughts. Oh, and while you are there, be sure to read their short story below the pictures about their small hardware shop!

(Clock is patently ticking as you watch this 2 minutes of heart-filled creativity)

Ok, you're back! Wow... what a great message and I hope you agree, this Hafod Hardware message, like many of those I mentioned above that did cost millions, was just as effective. It touched the heart. I don't know this for sure, but my guess is this could easily have been shot on an iPhone and edited on free video software such a iMovie.

If you were with us for The Fall Event 2018 in Salt Lake City (or read the post event GROUPtalk or Blog article) Garden Answer's Laura and Arron LeBoutillier's shared ideas on creating professional videos without a huge budget and still attracting big audiences. If you want to revisit that blog post CLICK HERE.

So, the "bottom line" message here is...

The Value of Creativity is PRICELESS!

But it doesn't have require a HUGE budget! 

Best Wishes on being creative! 


Danny Summers, Managing Director & Chief Instigator
The Garden Center Group
North America's Resource for Garden Retailing Since 2001



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